Balance Workshop + Exercise Video

Balance Workshop + Exercise Video

Balance Workshop + Exercise Video

Price: €24.99


Balance is crucial for most activities of daily living such as  walking and getting dressed. Balance declines with age and is associated with poor gait speed, frailty, falls, fractures, hospitalisation and premature mortality. However balance training improves balance and counteracts the consequences of poor balance. Balance training is important for everyone, regardless of your age. 

More information:

  • You will have access to an educational workshop video, presented by Dr Diane Cooper. This is 32 minutes and 39 seconds in duration.
  • You will have access to a Beginner Balance Video. This is 13 minutes and 22 seconds in duration. 
  • You will have unlimited access to these videos for 12 months.
  • You will receive a downloadable sample training diary for healthy ageing and the workshop notes.

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