Fit Farmers

Fit Farmers was a 6-week health promoting lifestyle intervention designed to improve the nutrition, strength and wellness of Irish farmers. The inaugural Fit Farmers programme was delivered in January 2019 to 24 farmers ranging in age from 26 to 74 years in Moore, South Roscommon. The results of this initiative have been outstanding in terms of weight loss, reductions in abdominal circumference, increases in strength, cardiovascular fitness, positive mental and social health, improvements in blood pressure and markers of metabolic and cardiovascular health, improved nutrition and increased physical activity.

Fit Farmers is an original concept by community volunteer Laura Tully (R.G.N.) who collaborated with Dr. Diane Cooper and John Bolton (True Fitness) to devise, plan, coordinate, deliver and evaluate this lifestyle intervention. Diane and John had been running their True Transformation programme in Laois for 10 years prior to this and they edited the content slightly to make it specific to farmers. It was then renamed Fit Farmers. Fit Farmers was funded by Roscommon Sports Partnership. 

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