Operation TransFARMation

Emerging research is showing that lifestyle related diseases such as heart diseases and type 2 diabetes are a significant cause of morbidity and mortality among Irish farmers. These lifestyle related diseases are mainly caused by four main lifestyle factors such as:

  • consuming an unhealthy diet
  • being physically inactive
  • tobacco smoking
  • consuming excessive amounts of alcohol

However, evidence-based lifestyle interventions which aim to improve dietary patterns and health through education and increase physical activity are associated with reduced lifestyle-related disease risk, particularly in populations at high risk.

The impact of lifestyle intervention among Irish farmers was unknown so we conducted research to assess the effectiveness of a 6-week community-based lifestyle education and physical activity intervention on the dietary intake, physical, cardiovascular and metabolic health of farmers living in Ireland. Ruth received an employment-based postgraduate scholarship from the Irish Research Council to complete this research for her masters in partnership with us and the Institute of Technology Sligo.

Read more about our farmer health research results HERE.

Ruth really enjoyed this research and has decided to explore this area further by conducting qualitative research. This work is currently being analysed and will be published soon. This work is in collaboration with researchers at the Institute of Technology Sligo and Queens University Belfast. 

There will be more farmer health programmes coming soon!


Operation TransFARMation video