Laois Wellness Week 1

 Fri, 8th Oct, 2021

Dr Diane's simple tips to get started with physical activity

Diane spoke to our 'Laois Wellness' participants last night about physical activity for healthy ageing. One of the key points Diane mentioned is that physical activity is something you CAN change. If you injure your leg you can do upper body exercises, or seated exercises. There is always an alternative. We are all busy but the reality is if we don't make the time now to be physically active we will be forced to pay the consequences of this later in life.

"Invest some time in yourself, your health, your body and your mind, you will benefit massively from this".

If you would like to take part in 'Laois Wellness' please email to register.

Huge thanks to Laois Sports Partnership, Laois Connects 2021, and HSE Ireland for funding our Laois Wellness programme.

Yours in health,

True Fitness

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