Eat Well, Spend Less - Wellness UnLAOISed

 Thu, 16th Jun, 2022

Do you think that the cost of food has increased in Ireland?? Do you think it costs more to eat healthy??

We asked participants these questions before Ruth delivered a nutrition education workshop on how we can eat well and spend less.

The workshop was a success because:

100% of participants voted that they were more confident that they could save money on their grocery shopping after the workshop .

Before the workshop started, 44% of participants stated that it does cost more to eat healthy. At the end of the workshop, nobody voted yes and 92% believed that it does not cost more .

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Yours in health,

The True Fitness Team


Wellness UnLAOISed is designed and delivered by True Fitness in partnership with Laois Sports Partnership and funded by Sport Ireland through the Sport Ireland Innovation Fund.

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