Dr Kiera visits TY students to highlight the importance of physical activity

 Wed, 23rd Mar, 2022

Dr Kiera from True Fitness delivered a workshop titled 'Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour' to TY students attending 'Health Squad' classes in Colaiste Iosagain today.

Kiera spoke about her PhD research with the European Space Agency on the effects of 60 days head-down-tilt bed rest on the physical and metabolic characteristics of young, healthy males, including the physiological adaptations evident after physical inactivity and high levels of sedentary behaviour. Some of these effects included reduced muscle mass, strength, cardiovascular fitness and a reduced ability to take up and use blood sugar.

This is why physical activity is so important for our health and we need to try incorporate physical activity into our day. Kiera gave examples like walking the dog, using the stairs when possible, walking and talking while on phone calls and taking regular active breaks from the desk.

Every minute of movement counts toward health benefits!

At the end of the workshop, the students said they learned how to measure sitting time, practical ways to reduce sitting time and how increasing physical activity and reducing sitting time could improve their overall health.

Huge thanks to Laois Sports Partnership and Sport Ireland for funding these training workshops as part of Laois Transformation.