Dr Diane Cooper presents the last 'Minding Me' workshop - Laois Transformation

 Wed, 16th Feb, 2022

Dr Diane Cooper from True Fitness presented the final 'Minding Me' workshop on Tuesday night to Laois Transformation participants. Key points:

  • Ageing results in numerous adaptations, particularly in muscle, that negatively impact our balance, strength, fitness, mobility, flexibility, physical health, mental health and quality of life.
  • The ageing process is worse if we are inactive and spend a lot of time sitting or lying.
  • The great news is that even small amounts of multimodal physical activity, incorporating strength, balance, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness exercises can significantly slow and improve the ageing process.
  • Your body adapts very specifically to different types of training as outlined in the graphic below, so for example if you need to improve your strength and balance, then you need to do strength and balance exercises.
  • The best thing you can do for healthy ageing is to take part in multimodal exercise, which is why all of our classes incorporate strength, fitness, balance, flexibility and mobility exercises.

Well done to everyone who joined us on Laois Transformation, you are getting massive benefits from your training .

Huge thanks to Laois Sports Partnership and Sport Ireland for funding this wonderful opportunity for so many people .