WATT Bike Testing

The Watt Bike was designed for cyclists and is one of the best indoor bikes available. It replicates the smooth feel of the road and measures your performance with exact intelligent data. The Watt Bike is used to improve your power, speed and performance through testing and training sessions. It has the capacity to analyse over 40 parameters about your performance. Combine this technology with the knowledge and experience of our on site sports scientist and you have all the ingredients you need to take your performance to a new level.

We offer a range of performance tests for cyclists. The test chosen depends on your current level of fitness, cycling experience and future goals. The watt bike gives you very accurate information about the wattage you can push, your heart rate at a particular workload (wattage) and your cadence (revolutions per minutes). We use this data to create specific training programmes for you to improve your speed, power and aerobic fitness. The fee for the test and the training programme is €80.

This is an extremely important test for endurance cyclists since your lactate threshold is one of the best predictors of performance in endurance cycling. We use the data collected from your lactate threshold test to prescribe specific zones for you to train in and we show you how to use this information to peak for competition. Please see full details of the lactate threshold test here. The fee for the test and the training programme is €120.

One of the unique features of the Watt Bike is that it can show you your pedalling technique in real time on the attached monitor. The image displayed on the monitor is called the force curve and it shows you how you apply force through the pedal stroke. We use this information to adjust your pedalling technique to yield maximum efficiency and power output. The fee for the test and the training programme is €80.

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