New addition to the True Fitness team!

Hi everyone ! We would like to introduce you to Sharon, the newest member of our True Fitness and True Transformation team!!

Sharon has just completed her Sports Science degree and achieved a first class honours i might add (the top result you can get)! If that wasnt enough she also has a higher cert in physiology and health science, a certificate in health, fitness and leisure management and an ITEC level 2 cert in GYM instruction.

We met Sharon last year when she came to us on work experience as part of her degree programme. Sharon took over our Sports Science clinic and was heavily involved in our True Transformation programmes and TRX research study. She is a fantastic scientist and trainer and a really fabulous person. All of our clients who have worked with Sharon constantly contact us to say how great she is, which we knew from working with her. We just couldnt let her go!

Sharon officially started working with us on 8th August, so you will be seeing her in the studio. Sharon has a mumber of roles in True Fitness including (i) managing our expert weight and measurmenet clinic, (ii) running the lactate threshold and performance tests, (iiii) teaching our classes in studio, (iv) taking personal training sessions and (v) is a very special part of our transformation team.

Sharon is a highly qualified expert who is very passionate about helping everyone to achieve their goals and dreams. She strongly believes that health education is the driving force for success and she provides support and motivation to all of our clients in a very special way. This is why she fits so well with our team and why we couldnt let her go. We would sincerely like to welcome Sharon officially to our True Fitness and True Transformation team and are really looking forward to our future together 😊.

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