FREE 12 week physical activity study for 50-80 year olds in Laois!

Prime Time for Middle-Aged and Older Adults – A Strength and Fitness Research Study for Adults Aged 50-80 years in Laois

We are absolutely thrilled to launch our upcoming 12-week physical activity research study for adults in Laois. If you are aged 50-80 years, living in Laois and would like to improve your strengthfitnessbalanceflexibility and knowledge regarding the best exercise prescription for healthy ageing, then we would be delighted for you to join us. The 12-week training intervention is fully funded (free) and starts in September 2020. If you have any clinical conditions e.g. arthritisdiabeteshigh blood pressurecardiovascular diseaseosteoporosis etc. we will also teach you the best exercise prescription for the management of these conditions. People of all abilities are welcome!!


If you would like more information on this programme please contact us and we will send you our detailed participant information sheet.


This project received funding from the Government of Ireland’s Slaintecare Integration Fund 2019 under Grant Agreement Number 21, and we have been commissioned by Laois Sports Partnership to design and deliver it. We have received ethical approval from Dublin City University for this research study.


We look forward to hearing from you.


Dr Diane Cooper
Clinical Exercise Physiologist
Director of True Fitness
Researcher and Consultant in Obesity, Exercise Physiology and Metabolism

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