Congratulations to the winners of our fully funded True Transformation programme specifically for fabulous women over 50 years!


Thank you to everyone who applied for our True Transformation programme for fabulous women over 50 years, and congratulations to our 15 lucky participants who were pulled out of the draw for our fully funded programme.

Sat 5th, intro workshop

It was great to meet all of our participants on Saturday and we are really looking forward to watching their transformation over the next 6 weeks! In the first workshop on Saturday we gave an introduction to nutrition for weight loss and health, and we spoke about the reality of weight loss, and what certain foods are actually doing to our bodies (particularly sugar!) – I think this was an eye opener! We followed this with practical lists of healthy carbohydrates, fats and proteins to enjoy, and a 7 day meal plan with recipes.

So this week each of our participants will have a personal fitness test conducted by one of our resident sports scientists, Sharon. They will also have their weight and measurements taken and personal goals set for them, which will be monitored weekly. They will also have a fasting blood sample taken during the week to check cholesterol, blood sugar levels, markers of inflammation and a host of other variables. Dr Diane Cooper will go through each of these results to give our participants specific nutrition and exercise advice to achieve optimal health for them. We have asked our participants to focus on their nutrition this week, so each evening they will prepare their meals and snacks for the following day. This can be time consuming for the first week or two of a lifestyle programme, but after that the shopping and preparation becomes automatic and very time efficient. It is really important to consume foods that heal and repair your body, not ‘foods’ that slowly poison you over time! It is really important to get this nutrition element sorted early in a lifestyle programme, and then we will move on to focus on anti-ageing exercise!

We will have one specific exercise training session this week (Tuesday 9th) for our group. This will be delivered by our other sports scientists, Craig. Craig will set up a variety of drills outside of our True Fitness studio that enable everyone to work together regardless of their starting level of fitness. This is the only way to run these types of sessions. There is nothing worse than being brave enough to sign up for a programme to find that it cannot accommodate for all levels of fitness! The ultimate goal of this particular session is to train our women for a fun 5km event on 17th June. Some of our participants have expressed doubt in their ability to complete this event in 6 weeks time, but we have complete faith in them. We have years of experience in exercise training for all abilities and we can’t wait to see them on the start line and cross the finish line for this event. If you would like to join our group in training for this event, the Tuesday evening session is open to the public and is 3 euro per session, or free to our members. It would be great to see you there :).

So that is the update for our participants activities in week 1 of the programme. We will continue to post updates each week if you would like to following what the group are doing.

Yours in health,

Diane & John.

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