Fitness Testimonials

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to True Fitness and share some of my personal experience with this amazing business.
For nearly two months now I have been unable to run (and sometimes even walk) due to a very painful knee injury. Recently I had been feeling very disheartened and not being able to train was definitely a huge contributing factor and as we all know any type of physical activity is crucial to our overall heath and wellbeing.
My sister Diane observed me struggle with my knee and over that time tried to gentle encourage me to do something about it. Then as it tends to happen, she got fed up of the gentle nudge (as I clearly was not responding and for some unknown reason – just put up with the pain and inactivity) decided to step out of her sister role and into Dr. Diane Cooper.
Diane told me that I needed to get my knee “sorted” and I would struggle to move forward as it would never just “go away” unless we dealt with the underlying issue of the knee pain. She advised me to book an appointment for a personal consultation / assessment with John as this was clearly his area of expertise.
On a personal level….this is who Diane is….She truly and wholeheartedly is invested in the health of our national. Diane is full of passion, truth, encouragement, dedication, leadership, strength and compassion. Very few people know the extent of Diane’s daily schedule, she is a full-time lecturer in AIT, a full time Researcher, Co-Partner in True Fitness and like the rest of us – has the daily demands of LIFE! The reason I’m saying this is….I see the daily hours that Diane invests in clients and members of True Fitness and the future health of our nation, that I felt it was my duty and responsibility to let both Diane and John know how grateful I am for their service and what a huge impact it has had on my life. I also know from talking with many members that the concluding feeling is across the board!
Yesterday I arrived for my consultation with John where he asked me how he could help? Within minutes I was up on a plinth where John gave me a full body assessment of my strengths and weakness. As we all know John has a very large and confident presence, he provided a very safe, professional and reassuring space for me. I knew I was in very capable and trustworthy hands. He very quickly found the root cause of my pain but continued with a very thorough assessment. John very clearly explained “why” this pain was there and how other parts of my body were contributing to and also affected by it. Most importantly he gave me an action plan of rehab exercises (demonstrated & recorded on my phone) that would strengthen up my weaker muscles over time, which in effect will bring my body back into balance.
John is extremely talented at what he does and has a deep understanding of the body. He assesses ….then explains the “WHYS” (which is very important to me!) and provides the action action plan. Up until then I thought I had just to accept that I had a knee injury that brought pain and discomfort BUT I left my consultation feeling very positive, optimistic and truly looking forward to a new beginning.
I wondered “Why did I wait so long”!!!
Thank you John, Diane, True Fitness!!

I had the good fortune to book an appointment with John Bolton in January .. I had done no proper exercise for a long time .. couldn’t run as I had a lower back problem.. couldn’t swim .. had bought myself a bike for Christmas .. but had never really cycled .. John suggested a triathlon .. I thought he was insane … I loved the idea.. but was it feasible ?? Me ??? Really ???..Last Tuesday was my first trial full run through of the triathlon.. I was quite relaxed and enjoyed it actually ..meeting John made an enormous difference to my health and therefore my life.. John’s cycle across The Rockies was an inspiration .. and I was left in Ann’s capable hands .. she pushed me on the Swimmjng and made me believe I could do the distance .. such an amazing lady .. I just loved her .. On Friday I met Diane Cooper .. why didn’t I see her in January ?? I truly wish I had.. Diane has the same passion to help me as John and Anne did .. I am truly blessed to have met them .. health is the most important thing of all .. as a cancer survivor I am very aware of this ..So Thank you all at True Fitness for holding my hand on this amazing journey to health and fitness .. I wish you continued success .. God Bless you all.. Kate

I started with John seven years ago, having never participated in sport not even an egg and spoon race. Through positive feedback and encouragement I have achieved things I never even thought possible. I have gained confidence to now be able to look in the mirror and feel good about myself. John quietly discovered the athlete in me I never knew existed.

Teresa Colgan

Personal training sessions with John at True Fitness have drastically improved my quality of life. Given my debilitating chronic nerve pain and degenerative disc condition I am only six weeks into my training with John and I have already achieved movement goals that I never thought possible. John delivered a programme to suit my needs and he is a true professional. His belief in me has greatly increased my confidence and I look forward to the continued health benefits each session brings. John is committed to my wellness and I have improved above and beyond my expectations. With John’s support and positivity the change both physically and mentally has been immense for me and I will be forever grateful to him.

Anne White

I have always been interested in fitness and joined a number of different types of classes over the years. I started by attending TRUE Fitness TRX class, and it transformed my opinion of fitness classes. The class is intense without hurting and doing damage; it passes quickly, and you definitely know that you have done something at the end.

I then booked in for private classes with John, and I am so impressed with the depth of knowledge that he has. His manner is excellent, and he will explain things clearly and ensure that each exercise in done correctly. If you are interested in fitness or training for a particular event, I would strongly recommend that you check out TRUE FITNESS to prepare. It is almost impossible to find someone that understands the human body and to achieve your best result; John Bolton is certainly the person that will do this for you.

Avril Byrne

“I’ve been training with True Fitness for almost four years and I can truthfully say that you are guaranteed the results you want if you follow their advice.

Fitness classes, personal training and nutrition advice – True Fitness is the whole package.  They are hugely supportive.

These trainers don’t just talk the talk – they walk the walk!”

Amanda Fortune

I’ve been personal training with John for a year , and I now do 3 sessions a week. John is very passionate about what he does and it shows in my sessions with him.b He makes all sessions Challenging , Creative and most importantly Fun! He’s a perfect combination of tough (“John… Come on one more”) to warm (“well done great work Anne”). The results show i am a lot fitter and healthier and the training has given me great confidence. I have gained great flexibilty and balance and also got great new muscles I never had before, and it’s because of John Bolton

Anne Marie Colgan

Many thanks John for increasing my flexibility and quality of life through your TRX method of exercise and your indept knowledge of the human anatomy.

Seamas O Donoghue

I was one of those people, who believed that like baldness, the exercise gene was simply not in me. School was a series of successfully avoiding all sports with all forms of excuses and emergence into adulthouse continued the same pattern of excuses to myself .Of course there were certain short spurts of enthusiam, which started and stopped in the same pattern. I joined with John as a Personal Trainer in June of this year. In truth , it was a short term plan for me; to fit into a certian dress by a certain date but I am astounded by my committment long beyond the “event” date. John is a highly effective personal trainer. His knowlegde of not only the practice of training but the science of exercise makes the training for me much easier; I understand what I am doing and why I am doing it. How John manages to keep me committed is beyond me but I believe it may be down to his unpressurizing encouragement and support . His training for me is focussed on my results, not his and I find that together with the results achieved he has in his own expertise untapped into a new belief of what I am capable of doing, for me.

Elaine Dunne

Dr Diane Coopers Health and Lifestyle Clinic Testimonials

I am very happy to say that even though I missed a number of classes due to a knee problem, not a consequence of your training I might add, the information from the classes was of great quality and very relevant to everyday life, not just fitness. The information in relation to food was related to healthy eating rather than with a focus on weight loss. The information on the physical aspect of the training was used in language that even I could follow, not too much “science”. Many thanks to you and John for your professional and pleasant natures, even though I have a long way to go in terms of fitness and healthy eating, the classes were a very good platform to work from.

Thanks again and take care. Best wishes on the joy ahead of you with your New Year’s gift. I hope you and your family will be very happy with the safe arrival of your baby.

Kind regards, Paula.

I have just finished the true transformation course and found it very informative and enjoyable.
The course was delivered in a very professional and fun manner.
The information on diet  lifestyle and training were very informative and easily understood.
The information was easily put into practice in our day to day lives.
The exercise sessions cover all areas of fitness and while training we were educated on correct form of breathing and number of reps that were suitable.
All exercises had adaptions to suit all levels of fitness.
The course has had a truly benefited all involved.
It’s an amazing course and I enjoyed every minute of it.
All the best to Diane John and team.

I attended the six week course in kilcavan with true transformations. The initial thoughts of going terrified me but it turned out to be 6 fantastic weeks. The way both diane and john treated everybody just left me speechless. Two fantastic professionals and also able to have a laugh. Loved this course and would love to do it again


Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the 6 week True Fitness course. It was just what I needed to get me motivated again. My strength and fitness have hugely improved.I found and stretched muscles I’d forgotten I had .I also learned so much about food and nutrition. I really looked forward to classes each week. Thanks to you, John, Olivia and Ann. Ye were all brilliant.

Thanks so much,


I had not done any exercise for the last twenty years or so. I used to be very fit up until my early twenties but then I was sick for a few years and never returned to exercising afterwards.
So “true transformation” was my first attempt at a return to being fit and healthy.
I enjoyed every aspect of the classes, from the presentations to the aerobic exercises to learning about the different types of stretches.
All of the coaches were incredible professional and appeared to have a real interest in helping us all to make a positive change in our lives.
As a result of the class, I made a conscious decision to watch what I was eating resulting in a weight loss of 4.8lbs and a loss of 2cm from my waist.
My fitness and strength results also improved a lot over the six weeks which I was delighted about.
The results I have achieved have inspired me to continue eating healthily and continuing to exercise.
Overall, I found the classes to be excellent and I looked forward to them every time.

Thanks again Diane and John!

Kind Regards,

I couldn’t recommend Diane and her team highly enough. They really put together a very informative course that was both educational and fun. I bought home the message to me of “use it or lose it” when it came to encourage us to get active. As a larger lady my past experiences could have been described as intimating but at True Fitness they go out of their way to make each of us feel we could achieve and maintain a level of personal fitness that is  individual to me as I am, sustainable to improve where I am and enjoyable.

The nutritional section was very enlightening, you think you know these things but when you have to actually get informed and live it it’s a different story. I like the fact that it encourages ordinary food that all the family can enjoy. It promoted “real” natural foods non of these quick fixes. I took away a real understanding that quality counts. When you eat nutritional food not only is it better for you but you eat less.

I want to thank Diane and her team for all their help and support. I would highly recommend the experience to anyone who needs a little help finding their way back to health and happiness.

Dear Diane

Thank you for allowing me to take part in your recent program for ladies over 50, nutrition and exercise.  It was excellent.  I really enjoyed every session.  All the talks on nutrition, healthy eating and lifestyle.  I also enjoyed the exercise program.  It was well thought out and really beneficial.  It is so important to exercise and have a healthy diet in all walks of life.  I am sorry that it is coming to an end.  It had become part of my week and I looked forward to it.  I still have a long way to go particularly with the exercise.  The program certainly motivated me.  I would love to take part in another program in a few months.  I am determined to keep up the exercise.  Thanks to you and John Bolton.

Yours sincerely

Deirdre Honan

I have just completed the 6 week course with True Fitness, Portarlington. The information I received from Diane and Ruth was invaluable. The health and nutrition education I received allowed me to completely change the way I eat on a daily basis.  I am in my early fifties and was quite concerned about my health going forward. My blood results at the beginning were within a normal healthy range but after taking the blood test at the end I was amazed at the improvement I had made.  

Because I am premenopausal, I was also aware that I needed to improve my fitness levels as I was worried about osteoporosis in later life.  My fitness levels have really improved after the exercise classes with John. Through Diane’s information evenings I realised how important it is to improve your strength. I found the TRX classes really contributed to a huge improvement in strength

I now am very determined to keep up the good habits. I would love to see more of these types of workshops made available to people in my age group. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to everyone.

Kind Regards,

Fiona Foster


Well as an over 60 lady I found that this course was what I needed to get myself kick started into doing something for my body as well as for my mind. We as we get older sit a lot, so this course is just what I needed.

I’m or should I say I was totally unfit & John was a fantastic trainer & got all of us on the road to being totally fit. Dianne got our body & mind healthy. 

All in all, I’d recommend this course to anyone unhealthy & I being thin BUT not fit or hadn’t a healthy diet learned so much from this course.

Thanks to all concerned.



Well as an over 60 lady I found that this course was what I needed to get myself kick started into doing something for my body as well as for my mind. We as we get older sit a lot, so this course is just what I needed.

I’m or should I say I was totally unfit & John was a fantastic trainer & got all of us on the road to being totally fit. Dianne got our body & mind healthy. 

All in all, I’d recommend this course to anyone unhealthy & I being thin BUT not fit or hadn’t a healthy diet learned so much from this course.

Thanks to all concerned.


To whom it concerns,

I took part in a programme run by Dr. Diane Cooper, which was aimed at over 50s.

I really enjoyed this programme and feel I benefitted immensely from it.

The exercise and nutrition sessions were informative and fun.

Dr. Cooper has a great ability to explain things, so you can get a good understanding of the changes that must be made in lifestyle to live life to the fullest after 50.

I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to take part and it certainly has changed my attitude.

Thank you Dr. Cooper, John and Ruth.!

Pauline Byrne

Jane- Women Over 50 years  6 week programme

Hi Diane. 

Thanks again for a great programme. It was a very informative six weeks, a lot of the things we know but don’t act on, where you reinforced our knowledge and gave us such good ideas with healthy eating that helped us stay full for longer, without getting hungry between meals. Felt much better for what we ate, also the idea about how we burn off calories by moving a bit more, these are ideas that I will use for the better now and in the future thank you again from a healthier! 



I was part of the True Transformation Phase IV group and completed the six week training course in November. I have thoroughly enjoyed this programme and time with True Fitness and cannot recommend the team highly enough. After completing Cardiac Rehab Phase 3 back in September I felt that I had vastly improved in building up my strength and fitness along with getting over the mental and physical process of having had heart surgery. But I did not feel ready to go back to working out on my own or starting in a gym (something that I have avoided and have been unable to do for years due to my heart condition).  So when this programme with True Fitness came up I was intrigued and relived that I could start something new and continue my recovery.

True Fitness really have changed my life I have always been fit and active but they have introduced me to new ways to work out, being more aware of signs of when one is over doing things and the signs to look out for while also providing informative talks on physicalogy, health, nutrition and diet. Diane, John and Ruth really know their stuff and it is evident by the time, effort and experience that they all have and put into TF.  My aim if possible is to keep attending sessions with True Fitness it would be very hard to sign up to a gym after being with TF the quality and service is more than what any gym etc could offer

Sheelagh White

Cardiac  Rehab Phase IV

It has been a great course. The topics and exercise have really benefited me and has changed my way of thinking about food and exercise.

I was made feel really comfortable and not judged. Diane, John and Ruth were brilliant.

The time and effort they put in to each one of us was exceptional.

Colm O’Reilly

To whom it may concern,

I have attended the cardiac rehab programme at True Fitness Portarlington Autumn 2018.


I have found the programme for me personally to have been a massive success it has not only succeeded in making me physically fitter but also educated me to make better choices  in to the future in terms of my diet, exercise, rest, etc.

I found the True fitness team in particular to have shown huge expertise in being able to coach people individually (at their own “safe” pace)while maintaining a team feel to the group as a whole which I have found to be very motivating and inclusive.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the True Fitness team.

Paul Hyland

Dear Diane/John/Ruth,

I wish to put on record my thoughts on the recent Cardio Rehab course at True Fitness, Portarlington along with the other participants from the Portlaoise Hospital/HSE programme earlier in 2018.

Following my surgery in February 2018 I was in a very fragile state but anxious to return to near normal condition as soon as possible. The first step was the first-rate assistance and support by the staff at the hospital unit. The next stage involved True Fitness, Portarlington which carried on the great work begun in the hospital.

Thanks to all of your efforts including the physical exercises, the appropriate advice in all areas promoting a much healthier lifestyle. All have combined to benefit myself and I’m sure all of the other participants, both physically and psychologically. Feelings of helplessness and depression following the operation have been replaced by a much greater sense of well-being.

The granting by the HSE of an extension to the programme was a godsend. The addition of another session in January is the perfect New Year’s gift. Thank you all most sincerely.

Kind Regards,

Christina Dwyer

I have just completed a six week course with True Fitness and I am pleased to say I enjoyed every aspect of it. The care and dedication that Diane and John put into this course meant that everything was managed very carefully and without fear of us being stiff and sore after each session. I was very impressed with the way our blood pressure, heart rate and general fitness was monitored. Everything was done to suit our particular limits. The way the ‘games’ were organised meant we never got bored and were good fun.

Our talks on nutrition etc. were very informative and the recipes provided by Ruth were very helpful to us. It was a great idea and something we can refer back to in the future.

Overall I would strongly recommend this course to anybody like me who finds it difficult to do physical exercises on my own.

Thank you to: Diane, John & Ruth

Kind regards

Theresa Lanham

Hi guys,

I just what to say thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to be able to workout in true fitness gym safely under the guidance of John and Diane. They took us on as no other gym could due to health issues. I learned so much and feel so much better. I also got loads of healthy meal ideas and advice from Ruth that I have passed onto other members of my family with heart diseases, relating ilness or even just those looking for new healthy meal ideas. I have more confidence and energy then I have had in a long time. Thanks so much I’m very grateful.


Jackie Dyer

4” off my waist in 6 weeks !  I participated inTT2 with True Fitness in March -April 2018. I learned great habits in TT1 a couple of years ago and was so pleased to kick start my routine with this new programme. One of the first commitments was to decide on a physical goal. Ugg!!  this meant actually planning and sticking to a routine. The course has evolved to meeting the group for an in-depth aspect of health and nutrition once a week – and meeting with a nutrionalist and physio  student from two local IT’s once a week – this kept a check on my progress on a weekly basis – 
The goal I have set is to participate in the tryathy in June 2018 – I have been given a programme to prepare for this and really looking forward to it ! It is amazing how your thinking can change once you set a goal. I am eating healthier – excersizing  more, sleeping better and clothes shopping more ! Thank you to John and Diane – your both great ! 

had heard about true fitness from a few different people and I was struggling to maintain a healthy balance in my own life with food, exercise and the demands of life. I decided to contact true fitness after trying numerous diets.

 Firstly and probably the biggest thing for me was the fact that there was no restrictions. The focus was on ‘moderation ‘. Secondly the plan and recipes which I received were extremely manageable for my busy working life as well as being versatile. After a few days I noticed a huge change in my mood and had a lot more energy. I found the plan easy to follow and I never felt hungry.

I still find it hard to exercise everyday but I am trying harder to get at least 30 mins a day either walking or jogging. I find I am less tired now when I run which is a huge improvement as previously I would be exhausted 10 mins into my run. I suppose the biggest plus for me was losing 6 pounds in 3 weeks without depriving myself of my little comforts.

Thank you to true fitness for getting me back on track. For the encouragement and support given at every stage throughout.


Dear Diane

I am writing to express my massive appreciation and that of the Moore Movers for sending Ruth to us on Saturday. Ruth is a very lovely, engaging, knowledgeable and professional lady and a wonderful ambassador for True Fitness. Ruth provided a really straight forward presentation covering a lot of information in an ‘everyday language’ sort of manner which the members really identified with. We were very clear on what we needed to do/change going forward and are delighted to have been filled with so much knowledge. Thank you all so much for your generous assistance.

Laura Tully

Institute Nurse & Health Centre Coordinator, AIT

Hi Diane + Noel and all in Roscommon Sports Partnership


Thank you for running this brilliant course in Kilteevan.  I was delighted I originally signed up.  The six weeks went by really fast.  It would be no harm at all if there was a follow up course in the future.


Kilteevan was an ideal location, the centre suited really well and parking was so handy.


Diane and John (and the two girls) run a very professional and realistic course.  The two hours were split into educating us about healthy living and then physical exercise.  The course was very relevant to every day living and ordinary people -eat and train, not diet and exercise.


What the course did for me – it made me focus on myself.  It gave me two hours a week totally given over to talking/thinking/doing something about my health.  It made me focus for the rest of the week also.  The most important part for me /the biggest change is to organise both my shopping list for the week and to plan food ahead so as not to get caught out.


I was delighted with my results and have tightened up quite a bit,


Many thanks and looking forward to the next course


Ollie Hoban

Hi Diane

I found the course very informative and very much in tune with what is required to live a healthy life.

It tick all the boxes for me.

The statement that really made sense was that ‘we should completely avoid processed FOODS’. And love a fit and Healthy life.

Thanks Tom Killion

Hi Diane, found it very good and helpful and motivating. Hoping that you can return for another course.


Tom Dolan

This was a fantastic cource for me even though weight was not the the main reason for me signing up. Problems from years of sports and injuries have left me with severe joint problems. These sessions have helped me to move the joints more and understand how and what happens the body from poor choices.
This session is also beneficial to people like me.


Peter Gilleran

Diane, thank you All for having me on the TrueTransformation Course, since the course finished I have lost 5kg and have just come back from Spain where I went hillwalking for two weeks. I have every intention to loose another 5 kg, I suppose for me the course gave me the tools for doing thing’s right and it was only after the course was finished that I was able to put together a fitness regime that suited me,also my eating habits have changed thanks to you I am now eating Very healthy also my blood pressure is down Which is what I hoped to achieve. I believe now I am eating right without starving and exercising right. So thanks once again, I found the course very encouraging and supportive and I believe the course should be rolled out every where for the over 40 s but more so for the over 50s to encourage them to get out there and eat and exercise right. Paddy Costello

Hi Diane
I was delighted when I got picked for the over 40ties true fitness programme. From the start I wanted to make the most of the 6 weeks.
The talks every Saturday were very informative and helpful.  The talks on nutrition kept me on track as regards my diet and the recipes were both healthy and delicious.
I went to the trx/walking/running intervals and flexibility classes, which were all very good, I am looking forward to continuing going to these classes.
The 5k run was tough, I was pleasantly surprised that I ran it, something that I would have not believed possible before the programme. This was an big achievement for me.  It highlighted all the work I put into the course.
Many thanks to all the team John, Olivia and Sharon for motivating me throughout the classes each of them gave. 
I found the last 6 weeks to be very helpful and rewarding and I look forward to continuing my fitness regime with true fitness. 
Thanks once again to all the true fitness team and thanks to you Diane for giving me the opportunity to participate in the programme.
William Dobbyn 

Dear Diane,

Thank you so much for giving me the chance to participate in your wonderful programme, “True Transformation.”

The small lifestyle changes you encouraged me to make over the past 6 weeks has made such a difference to how I feel about myself.

I am amazed at the difference in my measurements taken before and after the programme.

In just six weeks my BMI, weight, and waist measurements etc all decreased which will help me stop developing conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases in the future.

I intend to keep up exercising and eating more healthily as well.

Thank you for all the lovely menus and recipes you e-mailed to me each week. They were delicious and very filling.

I enjoyed the talks on Saturday mornings. They were very beneficial and  educational to say the least.

Thank you for all the feedback on the exercise tests ., Also for arranging a facility with the GP on the first week of  “True Transformation” for us to get our bloods checked all free of charge.

I intend to make a resolution for 2018 to participate in more exercise and reach the recommended goals you set out for me in your feedback .

Thanks again for giving me the motivation and encouragement all the way in reaching my full potential . I hope I continue to have the will power to develop on my new healthy lifestyle.

I know now healthy living is a long term commitment, and consistently choosing the healthy option regarding food and exercising are the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle..


I want to congratulate you on your great work Dianne, and wishing you continued success and good health in your future.



Mary Whelehan.

Hi My name is Hilary , I am 57 years old and for years I have been trying to find a way to get fit , something or someone that would motivate me .

Six weeks ago I won a place with true True Transformation run by Dr Diane Cooper, Coordinator and lecturer BSc Sports Science, and Partner in True Fitness

I was a little nervous thinking about doing the course, after all I was a couch potato and had done no exercise for years ,

I need not have worried, the team in True Transformation made me very welcome. Diane , John , Sharon and all the team were great .

They did not ask me to do more than i was able to, we were advised to work at our own pace which was great, we were not under pressure to keep up with anyone else ,

Diane and John gave such good workshops on how to eat the proper food and how to take care of our health. Sharon did a fitness test , Sharon makes one feel very  comfortable while doing it , a lovely girl!

We were never made to feel uncomfortable about our weight or how unfit we were, we were encouraged every step of the way.

Ann or John took us for the exercise classes and Diane would run or walk between us to make sure we had no problems and if we had we could talk it out with her

In the six weeks I lost a stone in weight and I did a 5 kilometer walk , I could not believe this was me, the couch potato!

My skin got better, my health improved and overall i was walking tall and feeling proud.

True Transformation has changed my life for good and I am not looking back,I am looking forward!

Thank you Diane, John, Sharon and Anne for helping me change my life style, I could not have done it without all of you.




I was lucky to win a place on an over 50’s True Transformation course for women. The course duration was for six weeks.

I joined a great bunch of women on what proved to be a wonderful motivational experience.

The course was led by Dr.Diane Cooper and John Bolton.

We were given educational talks on nutrition, the facts and the reasoning behind the information we were given.  This information came from an expert in this area so we knew we were learning from the best. We were given lots of advice on the importance of making the correct choices with food for optimum health.

Many people losing weight will lose fat but also vital muscle. I found through making better choices that I lost fat and gained muscle.

We were given a variety of exercises classes, including TRX.

We were encouraged every step of the way. Everything was geared at each person’s own pace with no pressure.

I, personally feel the benefits from the course, which was not too difficult and which has motivated me to keep up my own transformation at my own pace.

We had a body composition done at the beginning and at the end of the course.  The changes that I have made have made for myself have been very positive results and demonstrate what can happen with the correct diet and exercise.

Thank you Diane and to John, Anne, Sharon and all at True Fitness for this opportunity and to the lovely ladies that I’ve met on my course.

True Fitness have not seen the back of me yet!

I would encourage anyone interested in making a healthy change to approach True Fitness.


Anne Fennelly McLaughlin




True Transformation, in my experience, has the ability to inspire and encourage you no matter what level of health and fitness you find yourself at… no matter what age you are… and no matter where you are on your life’s journey.

No pressure and no judgements, just a willingness to accommodate, direct and educate, in order to improve you and only YOU!

True Transformation is based on knowledge and has the research to back it up and  it is delivered in an infectious and encouraging manner by Diane and all her staff.

Even through injury, I have learned that there is always a way to ‘move’ and always a day to ‘learn’ more, so I hope to continue to ‘move’ forward and continue to learn more on my way to a healthy and fit future.




I have just completed the 6 week True Transformation course for the over 50’s run by Dr. Diane Cooper and John Bolton. It is without doubt the best decision I have ever made! The course was run very professionally but I expected that because after all Diane, John and their staff are qualified but what changed everything for me was the level of encouragement given to me by everyone, each member of staff went way beyond necessary to make me feel good about myself – it is all geared towards each person’s own goals, never was I made to feel not as good as anybody else or in competition with anyone! Support was all around me – I would highly recommend it to anyone – in actual fact I am signing up for a 4 week support course- I just don’t want it to end – and as a person who has always hated anything to do with fitness, healthy eating, exercise, etc, I myself am amazed to be able make sure a statement!!!




A big Thank you to all at True Fitness Diane, John & crew for all their support during True Transformation for us ladies over a certain age!

It was a challenge/programme that I decided to take part in when I heard it was for Women over 50 so I knew I would be with like minded Ladies and a few might be like me a bit rusty and seeking motivation.

We got great advice on nutrition & learnt so much from Diane’s talks about our bodies & how exercise is really the best medicine for our bodies & minds. John’s quiet motivation made us all determined to succeed & Annes patience in teaching us by showing us was really appreciated amongst the not so co-ordinated.

Over the 6 weeks it was amazing to see everyone progress & grow in confidence and new acquaintances were made all leading to the 5k grand finale on the 17th June.

It truly is a worthwhile programme and I wish you every success with it going forward.





I completed the True Transformation programme with Dr Diane Cooper.  This 6 week programme was a new challenge for me and I have to say I had a lot of concerns at the beginning .  I certainly am no athlete! I am not sporty or involved in any sports club or group.  I am an ordinary working woman with 3 adult children and one younger child.  I cook a lot of meals but would have the weekend takeaway and enjoy a bar of chocolate

Diane started the group early on a Saturday morning with a talk on nutrition, she delivered the talk in such a way that we all became engaged and eager to learn more.  I have to say I took her advice seriously as I was shocked to learn how much sugars some foods contain and even more shocked to learn that foods that I would never have thought could possibly have sugar did contain hidden sugars.  I set off that week with my bag of good intentions, armed with my food plan and drove my family crackers debating about good foods!  This was the start of my new good foods nutrition daily living and I have to say 6 weeks down the road, I am thrilled with the results of following this plan.  I feel better, I certainly think mentally I am more focused and my general well being is very much improved.  The food plan is very easy to follow and easy to make.  I now spend less money in the Supermarket as I don’t buy convenience food – nothing in a packet , box or sachet.  It is like a reversal of trends.  I think my generation slowly came away from the good foods and we became immersed in the fast food , convenience food that the clever marketing guys aimed at us in the Supermarket and we bought it!  Diane has enormous amount of information and she is so generous with sharing, I learned so much from her and she delivered it all with a  dose of good humour and had us all laughing and we were willing to try more than we ever thought we were capable of doing.

Diane emailed us the plan for the week and encouraged us out of our comfort zones,  we were outside on Tuesday evenings doing circuits and Darren encouraged us to train at our own rate to work for ourselves.  This I thought was great advice and I worked to this brief and found myself slowly but surely building my fitness level.  We built our core strength up with Sharon who introduced us to TRX – not in million years would I ever have imagined that I would attempt something like this – but I love this now and have found muscles I never thought I had! Sharon is so encouraging and made us all feel that we were absolutely brilliant which I am sure we really were not! Sharon also did our initial fitness test to get a base level and it is so good to see how much we have improved from that day.  We had other sessions with the Gym , we did intervals with Anne on one very wet Saturday morning and I think we all had the look of absolute fear when we say Anne standing at top of gym with the music on – we didn’t know what was in store for us and it was some session – I never sweated so much, it was brilliant but tough and left us wanting more.  John Bolton introduced us to the dreaded plank and made us a little video to ensure that we didn’t forget…


I hope that I will continue to keep up with all that I have learned over the past 6 weeks, I personally feel that I benefitted so much in fitness and general live style renewal.  This was one of the best 6 week periods of my life, I made lots of new friends and  I enjoyed it and was so proud to complete the 5k last Saturday.  I would highly recommend this programme and the bunch of people working at True Fitness are an amazing kind, encouraging and motivating mentors and tutors that will definitely capture your spirit and raise it . The other thing I learned is you are never too old to improve your life.  We just have to get out there and do it.









I would like to say a huge “Thank You” to Diane and everyone in True Fitness. They have helped me feel very proud of myself for finishing their 6 week course for the “Over 50’s”. Diane explained in her Workshops how the body functions in terms I could understand and relate to. She helped me see how it’s never too late to make changes with Nutrition & Exercise. I found it so interesting & so much fun. I have a new lease of life. Thank you all again.

Lily Cooper







I have just finished a six week course with true fitness. The course was offered to  woman over  50s . I was delighted and excited to see something for my age group so I put my self forward . I was a wonderful experience we were encouraged and supported all the way by the team at true fitness ,Diane , John, Ann, Olivia  and Sharon . I now have more confidence and I feel I could go to any of the regular classes, which I never would have dreamed about before . The workshops on a Saturday were very informative on diet and some lifestyle changes which I am putting into practice, I would highly recommend the team at True Fitness and I will be continuing with the programme.

Sheila Brereton







I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate on the true transformation programme. It was a fantastic experience….the combination of the clean eating menus with the various types of exercise was a whole new experience for me !!I was terrified at first of the prospect of all the new exercises…Trx..interval training but the instruction received from everyone really helped put my mind at ease. The concept really works !!If you eat properly and exercise sufficiently …you will feel better and lose weight !!…The weekly menus were really inspiring and the workshops on line very informative !   You definitely feel virtuous after all the exercise classes !! John, Diane, Ann, Craig and Sharon are so supportive and encouraging ! I am sorry the six weeks have come to an end but I am determined to keep up the classes and stick to the eating regime!     Thanks again to all 

Anne Slevin






Good evening Diane.

I would like to take a few minutes to let you know how I found my recent six week programme with yourself, John, Sharon, Craig and Anne.

Firstly, when I began I was a smoker. I had been trying for many years to quit but could never find something that motivated enough to do so. I had tried every product out there and had even attended a HSE quit programme on a one to one basis with a quit therapist where I managed 18 days.

Through the True Fitness programme I found the motivation to quit from two days after my initial fitness tests where It took me more than 31 minutes to walk a mile on the treadmill. When I was retested at the end of the programme I walked the mile in just over 15 minutes, a little bit under half of the time and with basically the same heart rate.

As I write this I have been smoke free for since then which is 55 days ago.

I find that I have more energy from learning to eat properly during the six week meal plans and learned a lot about nutrition.

As I suffer from chronic pain, cervical spondylosis and degenerative spine disease I did not take part in the TRX exercises. However, I did take part in some stretching sessions which I found to be quite beneficial.

The Tuesday evening training sessions were also great, not only for physical health but also for well-being. The group were a great bunch of like-minded people and the sessions were always fun. There was a great sense of being part of a team and the instructors/trainers are really inspirational and very positive people.

I wish to thank everyone involved for the huge health and fitness improvements that I have found through completing this programme. Above all I have improved my fitness levels and most importantly to me I am smoke-free.

Kind regards to all,

Stan Henderson








Hi Diane
Just wanted to let you know that I am really thrilled with my results following my six weeks on the True Transformation program. I found it very easy to follow and the support from all the team was great. I really hope I can continue doing the Trx in the coming weeks. Thanks again for all the support.








Dear Diane,

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to take part in the True Transformation course. The 6 week programme has certainly made a difference to my health and lifestyle. I found it very beneficial to receive the course/programme information on a weekly basis, as it allowed me to view and review the content at my own pace.

Your nutrition talks were very informative, and easily understood. It was good to learn and understand the science behind how our body uses the different food groups.  This science and the weekly recipes combined with the “Store cupboard essentials”has brought about a change in my food choices. The weekly recipes went down well with all the family and we will continue to use these on an ongoing basis.

I received great motivation and support in our exercise training sessions from John, Craig, Sharon and Anne. I look forward to continuing our Tuesday night training sessions.

As a result of the programme, healthy diet and exercise is a part of my daily routine, which includes a minimum of a 5k walk daily. 

This programme certainly makes a difference to peoples lives, and I hope that you and your team,  will be able to continue to run it on an ongoing basis. 

 Thanking you again,


 Anne Marie Bannon.



Hi just want to say a big thank you to Diane, John, Sharon and Craig for all your help and support over the last few weeks. I had a great time doing the programme. I met some wonderful friends who all supported each other. I set a goal at the start of the programme and that was to run the 5km without walking and I am so delighted to say I did it in 28 min so achieved my goal. I learnt so much doing the programme and recommend everyone who gets a chance to go do it. Thanks again guys you were great👍😃.

Pauline Lambe


Hi Diane and co, Firstly I would like to thank the team for giving me and my husband the opportunity to take part in such a great course… We were delighted to be picked especially as husband and wife team as I knew it would be easier if both of us took part.. The course was absolutely brilliant from the moment we arrived we were made to feel welcome. We had all sorts of measurements taken. Heart rates and blood pressure monitoring to our blood tests done at the local Medicenter.. (I knew they meant business then! ) Everything was so professional..

The talks that both Diane and John gave were so motivating and opened our eyes to the amounts of sugar and processed foods that we eat.   We would have eaten a lot of low fat products before this course but having learned the effects it has on our bodies we have changed over to full fat products and we can still  lose weight.   We try to eat as ‘clean’ as possible introducing lots of veg and fruits in our diets.  We love trying out all the lovely recipes we received everything from protein bars, soups and healthy curries.

One of the things about the course that I learned is to always have a goal in place not just a slimming one but a goal such as to have a race lined up in cycling or running.   John’s class on trx is a fantastic way to tone up.

We have much more energy now. We lost inches and my husbands cholesterol was greatly reduced.

We would both highly recommend this course to anyone.

Thanks again

Irene and Anthony

True Transformation is a fantastic course run by top professionals. It catered for everyone no matter their background or starting fitness level. The information and material provided made it easy to adapt the changes into my lifestyle and any question was answered with expertise. The programme has armed me with the knowledge and support to continue progressing towards a healthier life.

 James Gallagher

Hi, I just completed the True Transformation course.  Over the years I’ve done my weight watchers and slimming world. Diane ‘re educated me when it came to nutrition. No counting calories syns points just proper food. Diane’s knowledge of nutrition was amazing. What I liked about True Transformation it also incorporates exercise. It’s for all abilities whether you are fit or not. I run and go to gym classes. I loved the TRX. It works all your muscles. The running intervals improved my pb. I’d highly recommend John and Diane. My only regret is that it’s over.

Mary Catherine Meade

I found the True Transformation programme a fantastic help due to the practical advice given on nutrition and training. Diane explained everything in such an understandable way and used everyday examples of how to improve our approach to a healthier lifestyle eg counting daily steps and having goals. The nutritional plans are also so easy to follow and easy to prepare. There was a great supportive atmosphere in true fitness and we never felt like new members as John always welcomed us and explained everything regarding TRX and calories in/calories out. I would strongly recommend this programme to anyone who wants to change their overall health and wellbeing. 

Jennie Lee

I Jane Scully,  have just completed the True Transformation programme,  it has really taught me how to balance excise and proper nutritional eating,  the nutritionist really thought me the proper foods to eat, which have never seen with any other fad diets,   found the fitness instructors very helpful and professional,  really enjoyed the excise classes and always looked forward the next ones,  I would definitely recommend this programme to anyone  who would like to learn how  to eat and excise properly.  I am truly grateful to Dr Diane Cooper and all the team at the True Fitness studio for all their help there and would like to see this programme continue into the near future,   thank you so much.

Jane Scully

I found the program highly informative and well thought out. It was easy to follow and understand for all clients alike. It didn’t matter what level of fitness you had or didn’t have it was tailored too everyone’s needs. The whole team was so accommodating and u really felt like u made friends for life. Thanks a lot for a lifetime opportunity of a million. I hope there will be more opportunities to be part of ur amazing world.

Hanna Delmer

I couldn’t rate this programme highly enough. It is a programme which is sustainable as opposed to short term dieting which are hard to maintain. It is facilitated by experts who go out of their way to be very accommodating and supportive with the help of an excellent team of Sport Science students. If your goal is either weight loss or simply to pursue a healthier lifestyle, then I strongly recommend this programme.

Fionnuala Finlay

I started trx classes about two years ago. It was here I learned about the True Transformation program. I have learned more doing this program about the foods we are eating and the effects they have on our bodies. I am now using healthier recipes and ingredients in my cooking at home and really feel the benefits of better energy levels and better sleep patterns. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who feels they have had enough of fad diets and roller coaster weighins. This is much more, it’s a change in life-style.

The Very best of luck with on line course, all of you are a true inspiration, and I could never Thank you eneough for all the help and support

Sinead Smart

I participated in True Fitness’ True Transformation programme and it was a real eye-opener. Diane & John delivered an easy to understand and very practical, nutrition based approach to getting fit and healthy, and more importantly, staying fit and healthy! All the diet myths we take for granted were well and truly blown away.

The holistic style really worked – it covered eating plans, exercise programmes, food science, goal setting workshops… Combine this with the fantastic support by both the True Fitness Team and the other participants in the group who ensured all questions were answered, tips shared and there was always someone there to either share the pain or witness the transformation.  With this programme I climbed mountains, not only in my own understanding of nutrition and exercise, but literally as well!

Jack Clarke

I attended the True Transformation program with true fitness for 6 weeks. Although it was a mixed class I never felt conscious or uncomfortable like I usually do. Got great tips on healthy eating and lovely recipes to kick start making subtle changes for long lasting results. I also got a taste of TRX which I thoroughly enjoyed. Would highly recommend this course to everyone- not just those who want to loose weight.

Claire Bryan

I participated on a programme (Healthy Living and Weight Loss Programme) with Dr. Diane Cooper and John Bolton – True Fitness.

I was very lucky to be chosen for this great programme as it managed to turn me completely around on what healthy food and appropriate exercise can achieve at a fairly small price to all of us.

This programme is about getting all aspects of your life connected to bring about a healthy lifestyle and not just about suppressing your appetite, reducing your calories and killing yourself in the gym!

We were introduced to the programme by Diane and John and had everything explained to us. We had a physical check up with our GP’s to check everything was ok for us to commence and we had checks done on sugar levels, cholesterol etc.

Every Saturday morning we turned up to the workshops to get information on diets, get recipes, healthy eating tips and training schedule for week. These workshops also gave us the opportunity to chat with other participants and to give encouragement to one another. Diane and John also brought in motivational speakers and nutritional experts to provide us with information. I was gobsmacked to find out that a lot of the so called low calorie and low fat products were actually so bad for us and had very little to do with long term weight management! It completely changed my outlook and my weekly shopping list! I am now a proud “no processed food in my fridge woman”!!!

John and his team worked out training activities and flexibility exercises alongside the information sessions and they ensured that we were happy and comfortable with what they were asking us to do.

This programme is excellent! It provided me with such great information and has allowed me to make changes to my life based on fact and not just good sales pitches from the gimmicky get thin fast industry! Eating healthy doesn’t mean starving – I loved the food options provided to me and I actually succeeded in lowering my cholesterol levels and improving other areas of my health that was worrying me – and I did not have to resort to any pharmaceuticals to do it!

We need to be good to ourselves – and if you get a chance to participate on one of these programmes, grab it! I loved every moment and element of the programme. Both Diane and John are truly professional people who know their stuff and who were more than willing to share their knowledge and experiences with us. I will be forever grateful for them for waking me up to the power of healthy eating, healthy foods and healthy activities in a fun and interesting way. I was never hungry, felt great, had fab food and I lost approximately 10 lbs in 4 weeks – what an outcome!

Mary Oakley

In October 2015 I was in the middle of telling myself yet again that I was going to lose weight for once and for all! Not only that, but I was going to keep it off. I had tried it all, and like most people, found short term success. But it never lasted.
I was very lucky to be randomly selected to take part in the True Transformation programme being run by True Fitness. At first I was apprehensive; it was something different to what I had tried before and it involved committing myself to regular meetings and – my biggest fear – regular exercise! I didn’t think I’d be able to do it. But I knew I was lucky to have been selected to take part, and so I did it.
It was the best thing I have ever done. It’s not just your run of the mill classes of being told what to eat and what not to eat. It is education about why I need to eat certain foods. It taught me how to make the right decisions. It also taught me a new way to look at exercise – not to dread it or fear it in case I couldn’t do it. But to do my best at it at my own level and my own pace. I learned why some exercises are better for certain things, again, rather than just being told to do this or that – I was shown why. I felt like a new person, but the best part was, not only did I achieve the short term results in that I lost weight, I achieved a whole lot more which was a new way of looking at it. I found myself wanting to go to classes, and wanting to learn more. I was shown constant encouragement and support by the team at True Fitness every step of the way, and not just for the duration of the programme, but far beyond it too. I really cannot recommend this programme highly enough and I’m very grateful to have been able to take part.

Can you please add the following testimonial from Brigid Hiney to the ‘TT’ section.
The True Transformation programme completely changed the way I view food and exercise. I learned how to use the right foods to nourish my body and I’m losing weight along the way! An essential, educational, invaluable programme.

Jennifer Ryan Moran

As someone who always had an interest in keeping fit and maintaining a healthy weight, I liked to think that I knew a lot about food. After having my baby, I gained a lot of weight and decided to do something about it. I got stuck into my pre-baby exercise regime, started to diet and the weight slowly came off. However, as I did it, the injuries began piling up! I went to see Diane because my running times were getting worse, I was exhausted, couldn’t train half the time, my injuries were more frequent and I just couldn’t understand why this was happening. After the first consultation my eyes were opened. I was taught that I was fuelling my body in the wrong way for what I wanted to do. I was trying to diet to lose weight and train like I used to. This was a recipe for disaster. I wasn’t eating the right foods at the right times and my body was rebelling through injury. With a new nutrition and training programme I have dropped three dress sizes, can now run 10k ten minutes faster than I could this time 9 months ago, am competing regularly, and am doing speeds on my bike that I could have never reached before. I never knew how losing weight and getting fit at the same time is a nutritional balancing act. Getting the nutrition right for what you want your body to do is an education I badly needed and I will use what I learned throughout my training in the future. Thanks Diane, I am a new person! Sinead Quinn

Having spent a fortune over the years on dieting classes, books, fitness DVD’s etc., it is a breath of fresh air to sit in a one-to-one session with someone as highly qualified and experienced in the field of fitness and nutrition as Diane Cooper. What Diane preaches in terms of weight loss and health is not just a diet – its a philosophy! Something to apply to your whole life which not only promotes weight loss – and it does! – but affects many aspects of your well being. Diane explains everything in normal everyday language and recommends normal readily available foods which will fit into every lifestyle. True Fitness are offering the full package and it works! Sinead Dunne.

Just after Christmas 2015 I saw the advertisement for a  healthy living programme (True Transformation) in True Fitness in Portarlington – the timing couldn’t have been better ! I signed up for the six week programme and expected to lose a few pounds of holiday weight .  The course was much more than that – John and Diane set out an excellent programme that was very inclusive for all participants . The course explained the importance of the foods that our bodies need in addition to the exercise. Each week started with a lesson on nutrition then followed on with an exercise routine that could be replicated at home . There were wonderful handouts and shopping lists of foods that could be picked up locally . The team at True Fitness showed a positive lifestyle by example . At the end of the course we set out a goal called the Carrauntoohil challenge. This consisted of preparations over a four month period to climb to the top of the highest mountain in Ireland.  Each week we tied in with a local walking club and each month we climbed a mountain with the guidance of John and Diane. This was definitely a bucket list achievement for me – so proud to have participated and can’t wait to set the next goal with the group. Working as part of a team was much more fun and social than trying to “lose weight “- I made some new friends and picked up some good habits that have become part of my norm . Great praise and admiration to the whole team at True Fitness so much more than a gym. I can highly recommend the healthy living (True Transformation) programme.

Sports Science Testing Performance Testimonials

Over the past number of years, I have attended various gyms, classes and followed programmes with very little progress. I met Diane in June ’17 and explained to her my current training programme and I was shocked to realise I was over training. However, it did make sense as we further discussed it. I was completely fatigued and my performance was actually deteriorating. I was running 5km 5 days a week but it was an absolute struggle – I was making myself get up every morning just to tick it off the list for the day. I was exhausted and really struggling by the end of the run. I was also doing spinning and circuit classes. All of this was causing my poor performance – my 5km time was increasing rather than improving as I felt it should be with all this exercise!

I discussed my goals with Diane – this was something I never had, I just kept my routine of going to the gym or running without working towards a particular target. However, I did always at the back of my head think I would love to complete a half marathon but felt I would never be able to it considering how much I was struggling with 5km. Diane suggested to me to complete a ‘lactate threshold test’ so a training plan could be developed specifically for me. I felt a bit overwhelmed – I felt this type of training and testing was way out of my league. I made the decision to do it as something needed to change for me to feel better and improve my training.

I completed the lactate threshold test under the expert eye of Sharon. Sharon made me feel completely at ease and was encouraging and reassuring throughout. A few days later I met with Diane and Sharon to discuss my results. The science backed up the reality of my training – I was exhausted, fatigued and heading fast for an injury or complete burn out. But from that day on my whole training has changed. Sharon and Diane designed a training programme specifically for me to work towards a half marathon. My sessions had variety – which I never had before. I also began the interval sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday evening in True Fitness. These sessions have made an incredible difference to my performance and again each individual can work to their own abilities. Along the way I achieved mini goals such as completing a 10km and 10 mile – neither of which I thought I could do. I trained within specific training zones which enabled my body become more efficient – I was actually getting somewhere without feeling exhausted and unmotivated.

A little over 3 months later I successfully completed my first half marathon! I was shocked but yet delighted to have achieved this goal within such a short space of time. This was all down to completing the lactate threshold test and following a training programme specifically designed for me and my abilities. I would not have been able to do it either without the support and guidance from Diane and Sharon and all the team at True Fitness. I would strongly recommend anybody to complete the lactate threshold test so you may work towards your goals – this is not just a test for athletes, I certainly wish I had heard about it years ago.

I wish to sincerely thank Diane, John, Sharon and all the team at True Fitness. It is incredible the work they do for the health and wellbeing of all – they don’t get enough recognition for it. They all deserve the highest accolade going. We are very lucky to have such an expert and dedicated service in our area and I look forward to my continued training and ‘goal-setting’ with True Fitness.

I am a member/client of True Fitness for almost 5 years. I attend TRX classes and flexibility classes with John Bolton and Dr. Diane Cooper designs my cardiovascular programme for the gym.  I have been using a heart rate monitor for my gym sessions for the last couple of years and recently Diane asked me would I be interested in performing a Lactate Threshold Test, which would provide an indication of fitness level and a starting point for a new training regime based on those results. ‘Lactate threshold’ defines the upper limits of your sustainable efforts in training. The accumulation of lactic acid will hinder your performance.The duration of the test depends on when an individual is completely fatigued i.e. your threshold. The test comprises of 3minute sections where pace and load are increased incrementally for the duration. At the end of each section a blood sample is taken (painless) from the ear lobe for laboratory analysis. During the test you are closely monitored at all times. When the test is completed there are two final blood samples taken at 2 minutes and 5 minutes (post lactate). The results are now analysed and based on the information a programme is designed specific to you and your requirements. A printout and graph are provided with your results. My first test was in February’17 and my new training regime began! There are four sessions within the programme; extensive aerobic, intensive aerobic, AT tempo and maximum anaerobic. I now had certain heart rate zones to maintain for each session and then I had my second test in June’17 (using the exact same test as a comparison) and this showed the physiological changes that occurred during that period. These changes included increased stamina, increased lung capacity,  increased strength and a lower heart rate during the test. At the 2 minute and 5 minute post test readings heart rate and blood lactate were lower and recovery was quicker.  One major physiological change, for me, apart from the above, is that prior to working to this programme my body would overheat during intense exercise and would cause me to slow down or even stop. This is not an issue at all now and I can now train for long intense sessions with great ‘gusto’! I can’t believe that I have become so much fitter and stronger within such a short period! It has made my sessions all the more interesting and enjoyable knowing that I am getting the optimum results from each session working within my own parameters! I am so looking forward to my next test and the results that my training will produce!!!!! This test was initially designed for elite athletes and only performed in universities or specialised sports clinics…… it’s now available on your door step!!!!!! I would recommend any aspiring athlete (in any sport) and or any ageing sports enthusiast (like me) to do this test and reach a new level of fitness you didn’t realise was achievable…….. IMPOSSIBLE = I’M POSSIBLE

Siobhán 😊

Having decided to run a marathon (my first) this year, I decided to commit to preparing properly with a view to achieving a challenging target. I approached Dr. Diane Cooper (True Fitness) for help in determining a target time and how to achieve it. Being a novice runner (< 18 months running) we decided that 4 hours would be a good time to aim for. Diane carried out lactate threshold testing on me to determine my level of fitness and determine the running zones (Heart rate zones) which I had to work on in my marathon program, i.e. to train smart! Lactate threshold testing involved taking a blood sample from the ear lobe as you progressively ran at increased speed on a treadmill. I’m not a fan of blood taking but the sampler for extracting blood from the lobe makes this a painless experience. The lactate levels in your blood at each speed level is determined and from this your fitness level identified. This tells how hard you can work in your training sessions. Coupled with a review of my available time, my diet and recommendations on nutrition to fuel the marathon workload, Diane prepared a detailed 14 week training plan for me to beat 4 hours for the marathon and to do it without getting injured / burned out! The plan and all training blocks within it were explained, be they recovery or high intensity sessions, and their purpose within the overall plan. The plan was a big success as I completed my first marathon in 3:56:03. It wasn’t easy but Diane made it as easy as it could be.The attention to detail and knowledge of sports science & nutrition displayed Diane was top class. There is a genuine interest shown by Diane in the client and how they are progressing. Diane was available throughout the training period for any questions or queries on the plan, & I had routine calls to see how my training was going. I will continue to use True Fitness to prepare for future challenges!

John Cahill

‘True Fitness’ has the formula that works for me and the science to back it up! The essential components that make up my ‘tailor made’ program are all catered for me in a workout that not only focuses on my fitness but on my nutrition requirements also.

Since becoming a client with ‘True Fitness’ I’ve lost cms and kilos with programs that are regularly changed while all the time being monitored by Diane and John. Their enthusiasm is infectious and they make ‘working out’ interesting and fun, from TRX to circuits to flexibility all their experience and knowledge is shared to ensure you get the best results with the science to back it up!

Siobhan Kerry

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