Deirde O'Kane - Prime Time Participant

"This is a big thing to say but, it really has improved the quality of my life"


Ann Garry - Prime Time Participant

"My doctor rang me to say that my cholesterol levels have come way down and she said it is because of my change of routine, no longer sedentary following your programme. There are other benefits as well, I feel way more energetic and I am getting a lot more work done".

Maureen Culleton - Prime Time Participant

"I am truly grateful to True Fitness, Laois Sports Partnership and Slaintecare for their support and for accepting me to be a participant"

Laois Transformation 2022 - 6 week online programme

Laois Transformation was a free 6-week online programme designed and delivered by True Fitness in partnership with Laois Sports Partnership and funded by Sport Ireland. This programme included a variety of live exercise classes and live 'Minding Me' workshops suitable for adults (aged 18+) of all fitness abilities. 

Michael & Teresa Lynch - Prime Time Participant

"We are both in our mid 70s with lots of aches and pains....my wish is that this programme is available to everyone who like us had given up on keeping fit. I do believe the health benefits will be so valuable - less falls, less fractures, less hospital admissions and a better quality of life"

Laois Wellness 2021 - 4 week online programme

In October 2021 we delivered a 4-week 'Laois Wellness' programme. The main aims of this programme were to improve wellness, balance, mobility, flexibility and health education. We are delighted to read these testimonials which indicate that this programme has been a success. Huge thanks as always to Laois Sports Partnership, Laois Connects 2021 and the HSE for supporting this programme.

12-week online physical activity and health programme - Laois Fit 2021

Laois Fit was a FREE 12-week online physical activity and health programme suitable for adults of all ages and fitness abilities who live in Laois. The programme consisted of one health education workshop and numerous exercise classes per week which were delivered online via Zoom. Laois Fit was FREE for participants as it was funded by Laois Sports Partnership, Healthy Laois and Healthy Ireland. 

You can read what Laois Fit participants had to say about this programme HERE

Mary Daly - 6-week weight loss course

"Definitely recommend the course for everyone and loved the holistic approach. Even if weight loss is not an issue. Made small changes from week to week e.g. no sugar in coffee. Reduced bread, increased fruit and veg, reduced butter and mayo. Didn't feel deprived. Small changes for lasting results. Learned so much with regards to exercise and its health benefits, how to plan your training to suit your lifestyle, not to over train and rest the body.

Highly recommend course and Diane and Ruth were so helpful"

Luke Farrell - 6-week weight loss course

"This 6 week weight loss programme was full of practical and sensible advice on how to loose fat as opposed to weight and was delivered in a clear and concise manner which I have every confidence I will be able to maintain and sustain the huge benefits that I have already witnessed"

James Carney - 6-week weight loss course

"It was a great course, it got me in the right frame if mind to change my daily lifestyle and eating habits"

Karen Lynam - 6-week weight loss course

"Loved the course, couldn't recommend it enough to encourage people to get healthy and fitter. It was so easy to make the changes without making it a difficult task and not expensive food stuffs. The support from leaders, been there to answer questions and queries"

Shannon White - 6-week weight loss course

"The encouragement and support was fantastic. Diane and Ruth are always willing to answer your questions"

Rachael Murray - 6-week weight loss course

"I found the six weeks course very good great understanding into preparing food and it’s all about making the small changes for overall weight loss. I found the team in true fitness very accessible and very encouraging"

Michael Miller - 6-week weight loss course

"Thanks really enjoyed this course. The most valuable lesson I have learned is to move more and that nothing is off limits. Moderation and mindful eating is the key"

Teresa Colgan - Personal Training

"I started with John seven years ago, having never participated in sport not even an egg and spoon race. Through positive feedback and encouragement I have achieved things I never even thought possible. I have gained confidence to now be able to look in the mirror and feel good about myself. John quietly discovered the athlete in me I never knew existed"

Anne White - Personal Training

"Personal training sessions with John at True Fitness have drastically improved my quality of life. Given my debilitating chronic nerve pain and degenerative disc condition I am only six weeks into my training with John and I have already achieved movement goals that I never thought possible. John delivered a programme to suit my needs and he is a true professional. His belief in me has greatly increased my confidence and I look forward to the continued health benefits each session brings. John is committed to my wellness and I have improved above and beyond my expectations. With John’s support and positivity the change both physically and mentally has been immense for me and I will be forever grateful to him"

Declan Byrne - Farmer health

"When I signed up for the true fitness programme last October I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but it very quickly became apparent that it was exactly what I needed. The programme combines practical, sensible and most importantly sustainable information and advice on healthy lifestyle choices in all aspects of life but especially diet and physical health.

Under the expert guidance of Diane, John and Ruth we began to have a much clearer understanding of how to make more informed decisions about food and healthy eating. How to read food labels, how to measure portion sizes and identify the dangers of added sugar just a small sample of what the programme has to offer. The journey we undertook physically was equally challenging and incredibly rewarding as Johns expertise on how our body works as we get older and the correct way to exercise proved invaluable and has definitely helped me to regain a much improved level of fitness.

In truth I have only scratched at the surface of what the programme has to offer and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Although it was geared towards the farming community it would be clearly beneficial to any and all sectors. Under Ruth’s wonderful and enthusiastic guidance the entire experience has been hugely beneficial and I am eternally grateful to have participated in it as I have made many new friends as we continue our healthier lifestyle choices and I firmly believe that our journey is just beginning"

John Smith - Farmer Health

"I was very happy with the work I did with True Fitness it changed my outlook on life!"

Frank Handy - Online Workshops

"The second workshop on nutrition was very good. It covered modifying your environment for health, nutritional myths and food labels. Modifying your environment for health was full of practical tips. Finding out about nutritional myths was very informative and it was something I hadn’t known about before. The best section was reading food labels. It was very clearly explained and will be of great benefit to me. Thank you very much Ruth"

Paddy J Ryan - Online Workshops

"In the introduction the phrase "Doing the same thing & expecting a different result" was thought provoking. Ruth convinced me that even small changes of habits could improve my health and wellbeing. The psychology of using smaller plates and glasses and how the mind can be fooled to our advantage was quite interesting. I was reminded that a proper spirit measure looks very mean in a home setting. I found that suggestions such as placing fruit bowls in a prominent position, adding portions of fruit and vegetables to meals, reducing processed meats in favour of fish were easily implemented. Eating at the table and not while watching TV, avoiding buying multipack treats in shops has helped to avoid unnecessary snacking. I was shocked to discover the amount of sugar in certain foods and drinks, SQUASHIES once a favourite of mine and are now no longer on the menu.

The better understanding of food labels and labels such as 'No Added Sugar', Fat Free, etc, will inform future meal choices. Under the topic of the importance of fibre, I was pleased to see that porridge and homemade brown bread, staples of mine, are beneficial. I was however disappointed to discover that my salt intake was excessive.

The suggestion of exercise with a buddy, I have already implemented with the weekly classes from the True Fitness Team on Zoom. Finally, the fact that the True Fitness Team are available to answer queries is very helpful"

Paddy Costello - True Transformation for men over 40

"Thank you all for having me on the True Transformation course, since the course finished I have lost 5kg and have just come back from Spain where I went hillwalking for two weeks. I have every intention to loose another 5 kg, I suppose for me the course gave me the tools for doing thing’s right and it was only after the course was finished that I was able to put together a fitness regime that suited me,also my eating habits have changed thanks to you I am now eating Very healthy also my blood pressure is down Which is what I hoped to achieve. I believe now I am eating right without starving and exercising right. So thanks once again, I found the course very encouraging and supportive and I believe the course should be rolled out every where for the over 40 s but more so for the over 50s to encourage them to get out there and eat and exercise right"


Fiona Foster - True Transformation for women over 50

"I have just completed the 6 week course with True Fitness, Portarlington. The information I received from Diane and Ruth was invaluable. The health and nutrition education I received allowed me to completely change the way I eat on a daily basis. I am in my early fifties and was quite concerned about my health going forward. My blood results at the beginning were within a normal healthy range but after taking the blood test at the end I was amazed at the improvement I had made.

Because I am premenopausal, I was also aware that I needed to improve my fitness levels as I was worried about osteoporosis in later life. My fitness levels have really improved after the exercise classes with John. Through Diane’s information evenings I realised how important it is to improve your strength. I found the TRX classes really contributed to a huge improvement in strength

I now am very determined to keep up the good habits. I would love to see more of these types of workshops made available to people in my age group. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to everyone"

Kathleen Weldon - True Transformation for women over 50

"I have just completed the 6 week True Transformation course for the over 50’s run by Dr. Diane Cooper and John Bolton. It is without doubt the best decision I have ever made! The course was run very professionally but I expected that because after all Diane, John and their staff are qualified but what changed everything for me was the level of encouragement given to me by everyone, each member of staff went way beyond necessary to make me feel good about myself – it is all geared towards each person’s own goals, never was I made to feel not as good as anybody else or in competition with anyone! Support was all around me – I would highly recommend it to anyone – in actual fact I am signing up for a 4 week support course- I just don’t want it to end – and as a person who has always hated anything to do with fitness, healthy eating, exercise, etc, I myself am amazed to be able make sure a statement!!!"

Lorraine Dunne - True Transformation

"Have just completed a six session programme True Transformation with True fitness and Laois Sports Partnership. Couldn't recommend you enough. from the nutritional end to the fitness aspects of the programme. Ruth's nutritional guides, excellent, all about health and not just the numbers on the scales.. after 3 weeks, body fat down, muscle mass up, couldn't believe it. As for John, a Gentleman, women of all ages and abilities, most observant, to our capabilities (or not) brought us along to the best of our potential, we had Ann for out last fitness session, what can I say, the woman is like a train, like to say thank you to all involved, I'll be back to you after I climb Croke Patrick... (that's my goal setting Ruth)"

Sheelagh White - Phase IV Cardiac Rehab

"I was part of the True Transformation Phase IV group and completed the six week training course in November 2018. I have thoroughly enjoyed this programme and time with True Fitness and cannot recommend the team highly enough. After completing Cardiac Rehab Phase 3 back in September I felt that I had vastly improved in building up my strength and fitness along with getting over the mental and physical process of having had heart surgery. But I did not feel ready to go back to working out on my own or starting in a gym (something that I have avoided and have been unable to do for years due to my heart condition). So when this programme with True Fitness came up I was intrigued and relived that I could start something new and continue my recovery.

True Fitness really have changed my life I have always been fit and active but they have introduced me to new ways to work out, being more aware of signs of when one is over doing things and the signs to look out for while also providing informative talks on physiology, health, nutrition and diet. Diane, John and Ruth really know their stuff and it is evident by the time, effort and experience that they all have and put into TF. My aim if possible is to keep attending sessions with True Fitness it would be very hard to sign up to a gym after being with TF the quality and service is more than what any gym etc could offer"

Paul Hyland - Phase IV Cardiac Rehab

"I have attended the cardiac rehab programme at True Fitness Portarlington Autumn 2018.

I have found the programme for me personally to have been a massive success it has not only succeeded in making me physically fitter but also educated me to make better choices in to the future in terms of my diet, exercise, rest, etc.

I found the True fitness team in particular to have shown huge expertise in being able to coach people individually (at their own “safe” pace)while maintaining a team feel to the group as a whole which I have found to be very motivating and inclusive.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the True Fitness team"

Christina Dywer - Phase IV Cardiac Rehab

"I wish to put on record my thoughts on the recent Cardio Rehab course at True Fitness, Portarlington along with the other participants from the Portlaoise Hospital/HSE programme earlier in 2018.

Following my surgery in February 2018 I was in a very fragile state but anxious to return to near normal condition as soon as possible. The first step was the first-rate assistance and support by the staff at the hospital unit. The next stage involved True Fitness, Portarlington which carried on the great work begun in the hospital.

Thanks to all of your efforts including the physical exercises, the appropriate advice in all areas promoting a much healthier lifestyle. All have combined to benefit myself and I’m sure all of the other participants, both physically and psychologically. Feelings of helplessness and depression following the operation have been replaced by a much greater sense of well-being.

The programme was a godsend. Thank you all most sincerely"

Jackie Dyer - Phase IV Cardiac Rehab

"I just what to say thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to be able to workout in true fitness gym safely under the guidance of John and Diane. They took us on as no other gym could due to health issues. I learned so much and feel so much better. I also got loads of healthy meal ideas and advice from Ruth that I have passed onto other members of my family with heart diseases, relating illness or even just those looking for new healthy meal ideas. I have more confidence and energy then I have had in a long time. Thanks so much I’m very grateful"

Maria - Corporate Health Education Workshop

Workshop Topic: Nutrition for General Health & Wellbeing + Exercise Nutrition.

"I would like to thank Diane and Ruth for a great presentation. I have already received emails from staff informing me how interesting they found it. Believe me I don’t receive them emails from staff very often! It was great to be able to get staff something different and a topic that is really important. I have to say I found the sport side of it very interesting. I think I need to start sprinting more..."


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