'Prime Time of Life'

Project Title:
'Prime Time of Life', A 12-Week Home-Based Online Multimodal Exercise Training and Health Education Programme for Middle-Aged and Older Adults in Laois. 

Programme Overview:

This is a 12-week pilot strength and fitness training intervention designed specifically for people aged 50 to 80 in Laois. The intervention involves two * 60 minute online group exercise sessions per week. During each exercise session, participants perform a warm up followed by a combination of strength, balance, flexibility, mobility and cardiovascular fitness exercises and finally a cool down. Participants do not need any equipment or much space to take part in these training sessions. Everyone is asked to perform the exercises to their own ability and desired level of intensity so that they are suitable for all fitness levels. All training sessions are delivered and monitored by trained professionals.

Sixty one participants (50-80 years) living in Laois completed this 12 week intervention in December 2020. Participants had a range of injuries, clinical conditions and physical abilities. It was originally planned as an onsite intervention, but was converted to an online intervention due to COVID. Pre and post test measurements consisted of anthropometric, body composition, sit-to-stand, 6 minute walk test, timed up and go, counter movement jump, squat jump, hand grip strength, abdominal muscle endurance, press up, balance, international physical activity questionnaire (short form) and PROMIS 10 questionnaire. The intervention consisted of two * 60 minute group physical activity sessions per week delivered via zoom. All sessions incorporated aerobic, resistance, balance and flexibility exercises. A 15 minute health workshop was delivered once per week covering a range of topics related to training, health and the treatment and management of the clinical conditions that existed in the group. All sessions were monitored. Take home resources were provided each week including home based exercise videos, workshop notes, voice recordings of the health workshops, home based circuits etc. 

Programme partners: Laois Sports Partnership, Sláintecare, Pobal, Government of Ireland.

Funding acknowledgement: This project received funding from the Government of Ireland Sláintecare Integration Fund under grant agreement number 21.

More information:

  • Listen to Dr Diane Cooper's 'Prime Time of Life' 10 minute presentation HERE.
  • Our research publication in the Physical Activity and Health journal is available to download below.