Week 9 - Prime Time 2021

 Mon, 17th May, 2021

We are currently in week 9 of our "Prime Time of Life" multimodal exercise and health education programme with True Fitness and Laois Sports Partnership.

This week the health workshop focused on osteoporosis, osteopenia and good bone health. Exercise is crucial for good bone health. The tips from this workshop are:

  • Be consistent with your training
  • Flexibility training is a priority
  • Balance & strength training is also a priority
  • Aerobic exercise is important. Aim for 5 sessions per week, but don’t sacrifice flexibility, balance or resistance training for aerobic.

The workshop can be viewed HERE if you are interested.

This programme has received funding from the Sláintecare Integration Fund under grant agreement number 21. Huge thanks to Sláintecare for making this programme available free of charge to participants.

Yours in health,

The True Fitness team

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