Week 4 - Prime Time 2021

 Mon, 12th Apr, 2021

Hi everyone, 


We are currently in week 4 of our "Prime Time of Life" multimodal physical activity and health education programme with Laois Sports Partnership.


The topic of the workshop today was balance training. A link to the short workshop can be found HERE. If your balance is poor I would please encourage you to watch this video. If your balance is good, but you have older relatives or friends whose balance is poor, the information in this video might be very important to them. Please feel free to share.

John (True Fitness) has prepared a 5 minute video of beginner balance exercises to help you train your balance. You can view this video HERE. Even 5 minutes of balance training per day will make a massive difference to your balance, so if you have poor balance please try to incorporate this training in to your day.

Just to say a massive well done to the 132 people (50-80 years) who are currently with us on this programme. You are doing fantastically well .

Huge thanks to Sláintecare for funding "Prime Time of Life" with an extension to our grant agreement number 21. This funding has made our programme available to participants for free.

Yours in health,

The True Fitness Team.