Week 3 - Prime Time 2021

 Wed, 7th Apr, 2021

The topic for the "Prime Time of Life" health workshop this week was resistance training. We looked at the impact of the ageing process and physical inactivity on your muscles, the benefits of resistance training, how much you should do, and we gave some useful resources to get you started on your journey. We cannot stress enough how important resistance training is for healthy ageing, independence and good quality of life. If you have 15 minutes to spare you can view the workshop here https://youtu.be/XZrGbAuQ-p0.


Please also find a link here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vhz4_xac8Jo to a beginner strength workout. In this video John takes you through a full warm up, a few strength exercises and a few balance exercises. We hope you find this useful.


Huge thanks to our "Prime Time of Life" partners Laois Sports Partnership and Sláintecare for making this programme possible. This programme received funding from the Government of Ireland's Sláintecare Integration fund and so is free for participants (50-80 years) to take part in.


Yours in health,

Dr Diane Cooper & The True Fitness Team.