Seminar Series: Nutrition for Health & Weight Loss

 Wed, 15th Sep, 2021

We are delighted to launch our seminar series with you! The main focus of this series is nutrition for health & weight loss.

Our registered nutritionist Ruth will deliver these live seminars online via Zoom from 7-7:45pm on the last Tuesday of September (28th), October (26th) and November (30th) 2021. There will be additional time at the end of all seminars for questions and answers.

Seminar 1, 28th September 2021: You will learn about practical nutrition for health and weight loss. After the workshop you will be provided with a summary of the workshop notes and evidence-based resources including a practical serving size guide, a serving size worksheet and our most popular recipe book which contains delicious and nutritious breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes. 

Seminar 2, 26th October 2021: You will learn about how you can modify your home and behaviour for weight loss. After the workshop you will be provided with a summary of the workshop notes, a weekly meal planner template and shopping list template.

Seminar 3, 30th November 2021: You will learn about common weight loss mistakes and you will be provided with the ultimate toolkit for success. You will receive a summary of the workshop notes.  

How do I sign up?

You can attend one, two or three of these seminars. The cost is €14.99 per seminar or €40 to attend all three seminars. Please sign up via the True Fitness website.

  1. Search '' (
  2. Click 'Payments' at the top right of the screen beside the cart icon.
  3. Please enter 'SEMINAR' followed by the seminar number(s) you want to attend as the invoice number and enter the amount. For example if you just want to attend seminar 1 please enter 'SEMINAR 1' as the invoice number and enter €14.99 as the amount. If you want to attend two seminars for example seminar 1 and seminar 3 please enter 'SEMINAR 1,3' and €29.98 as the amount. If you want to attend all three seminars please enter 'SEMINAR 1,2,3' and €40 as the amount. 
Payment is required in advance. If you pay for the classes and they do not go ahead due to insufficient numbers you will be refunded.
If anyone has any questions please email
Thank you for supporting our small Irish business.
Yours in health,
True Fitness



  • "These seminars were full of practical and sensible advice on how to lose fat as opposed to weight and was delivered in a clear and concise manner which I have every confidence I will be able to maintain and sustain the huge benefits that I have already witnessed", James Flynn.
  • "Definitely recommend these seminars for everyone and loved the holistic approach. Made small changes from week to week e.g. no sugar in coffee, increased fruit and veg, reduced butter and mayo. Didn't feel deprived. Small changes for lasting results. True Fitness are so helpful", Mary Burke.
  • "I found the seminars very good. Great understanding into preparing food and it’s all about making the small changes for overall weight loss. I found the team in true fitness very accessible and very encouraging", Ella Jones. 
  • "It got me in the right frame if mind to change my daily lifestyle and eating habits", Brenda Wright.
  • "Thank you Ruth for all of your advice and encouragement. The presentations were very informative each week", Ann-Marie Delaney.