Hydration, Caffeine & Added Sugars

 Thu, 24th Mar, 2022

Nutritionist Ruth from True Fitness delivered a workshop titled 'Hydration, Caffeine and Added Sugars' to TY students attending 'Health Squad' classes in Colaiste Iosagain yesterday.

Ruth spoke to the students about the importance of hydration for physiology and the effect of dehydration on academic and sports performance. Ruth spoke about the common symptoms of dehydration and provided guidelines on fluid intake and examples of different types of fluids, as well as practical recommendations for preventing dehydration (e.g. use of reusable water bottles). Students learned how monitoring the colour of their urine (using a colour chart) can help them to determine if they are adequately hydrated or not. A clear or pale yellow colour indicates that you are hydrated.

Students guessed the sugar content of many commonly consumed drinks and snacks, such as fizzy drinks and sweets. The students couldn’t believe how much sugar it was possible to consume with these drinks and snacks! Ruth also showed the students how to correctly calculate the amount of added sugar in different drinks and snacks.

At the end of the workshop students learned how to make homemade sports drinks and taste tested them. The MiWadi Orange and Sparkling Water combination was their favourite!

Huge thanks to Laois Sports Partnership and Sport Ireland for funding these training workshops as part of Laois Transformation.