Health Promotion Conference 2021

 Thu, 24th Jun, 2021

Huge thank you to the organisers of the Annual Health Promotion Conference for inviting Diane to speak today and present the wonderful findings from our Slaintecare funded "Prime Time of Life" programme. The 10 min presentation can be viewed HERE if you are interested.

"Prime Time of Life" is a 12-week home-based online multimodal physical activity and health education programme for middle-aged and older adults in Laois. Our results show significant increases in:

  • cardiovascular fitness,
  • strength,
  • power,
  • endurance,
  • balance,
  • flexibility,
  • perception of physical & mental health.

These outcomes are crucial for healthy ageing, and the prevention, treatment and management of clinical conditions. The health education sessions assist in increasing self-efficacy, which can promote the adoption and maintenance of a health behaviour - physical activity in this case. Also, this online intervention helped to overcome some commonly cited barriers to physical activity participation in this population including lack of time, lack of transport, distance to programmes too far away, weather, lack of programmes that cater for a variety of clinical conditions.

Huge thanks to our wonderful participants for taking part in our programme, our Slaintecare funders & our partners Laois Sports Partnership, Siobhán Ni Chonchubhair from DCU for making this possible.

Yours in health

True Fitness