Exercise in Space: Multimodal Training

 Tue, 25th Jan, 2022

Did you know that astronauts train for approximately 90 minutes per day during their time on the International Space Station?

They engage in a high-frequency exercise programme, consisting of two multimodal sessions per day (1 x 30 - 45 minutes aerobic exercise like running or cycling and 1 x 45 minutes of resistance training), 6 days per week. The break between these sessions is minimal due to their very busy schedules!

Astronauts have access to the Advanced Resistive Exercise Device (ARED), a treadmill and a Cycle Ergometer (stationary bike) with Vibration Isolation and Stabilisation System (CEVIS) on the International Space Station.

Why is this relevant to me?
On Earth, we don't need to meet the specific volume of training as astronauts (~90 minutes/day), but we need to engage in multimodal training (cardiovascular fitness, strength, balance, flexibility) for optimal health benefits!

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