Training Programme Design

Our combination of experience over the last 30 years and sports science background has allowed us to develop a unique insight into programme design. Our experience ranges from competing in explosive high intensity sports such as GAA, Rugby, Soccer, Running to ultra-endurance events including kayaking 1600k in 41 days, cycling 2000k in 7 days and working in the fitness industry for the past 25 years. We have spent the last 25 designing programmes for a wide range of sports people, general population and rehabilitation clients. These programmes are design based on consultations in studio but also consultations online so we are accessible wherever you are!

Our programme design begins with a one to one consultation where we will discuss your previous exercise history, level of experience, current goals and we finish with a functional assessment to ascertain your strengths, weaknesses and potential risk of injury. Once we have compiled this information we will make certain recommendations in terms of addressing any areas of weakness such as muscle imbalance, motor firing patterns, flexibility, mobility and functional movement. In order to improve performance and reduce the potential risk of injury it is essential to address these issues.
The programmes can run from 8 weeks up to a four year cycle depending on your sport and your ambitions. All programmes are designed using periodization where we operate on a four week cycle; three hard weeks followed by a recovery week. This method of programme design is intended to improve performance while reducing the risk of injury or overtraining. This method also allows you to peak for competition at desired points in the year.

This programme also begins with a one to one consultation where we will discuss your needs, previous exercise history and current goals. These programmes follow a very similar pattern to the sports specific programmes with only alterations to intensity, duration and frequency.

This requires a one hour consultation to discuss your medical history, exercise history, lifestyle, onset of injury and circumstances. We carry out a full body functional assessment where we examine posture, range of movement, strength, flexibility, muscle imbalance and motor firing pattern. From this information we will compile a programme which is designed to gradually rehabilitate the injury, reduce pain, increase strength, flexibility and range of movement. As with a most long term injuries there is an element of fear and loss of confidence and we highly recommend our one to one sessions especially in the early stages of rehabilitation as they are designed to restore confidence, remove fear of recurring injury and improve daily living.

So if you want to bring your training to the next level, improve your general fitness, achieve a particular goal or rehabilitate an acute or chronic injury, we have the experience, knowledge, expertise and above all the passion to help you succeed.

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