Personal Training (Sport Specific)

For the past thirty years I have been involved in all aspects of training and I have worked with everyone from international cricket players to the elderly and everything in between. During this time I have developed a great understanding of how to communicate, listen and empower people, and my only goal is to see you succeed. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see someone achieve or do something that they never dreamed they were capable. If you want someone who has extensive experience, who knows how to help you succeed and has a proven track record, then I am the person who will make your dreams a reality. See our testimonials here to hear what previous clients said.

If you like the idea of one to one instruction rather than group exercise? Or have specific goals in life or in sport that you want to achieve? If so, our personal training sessions are designed specifically to help you achieve your goals.

These are 60 minute one to one sessions which cater for all your personal training needs. No matter what your goals are, we have the experience and the expertise to help you achieve your dreams. I have over 30 years’ experience and I am qualified in resistance training, functional training, rehabilitation and all aspects of fitness and sporting performance.

All my sessions are tailored to meet your very specific needs, whether they are weight loss/gain, general health or sports specific. The emphasis is on you enjoying the sessions, working hard and getting the results for which you came.

Some of our specialist services include: Weight Loss, Toning, Flexibility/Mobility, Strength, Power, Speed, Cardiovascular Fitness and Injury Rehabilitation

€50 for initial consultation
€50 per session
€200 for a block of 5 sessions

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