True Transformation for fabulous women over 50 years! FREE!

Thank you for your interest in our True Transformation programme for women over 50 years. John and I devote our lives to transforming the lives of others and we are very excited about this programme, which is a product of the last 10 years I have spent in health research and in our health and weight loss clinic.

What is the programme about?

This is a very unique programme that has been created specifically for women over the age of 50 years. We see all of the time in practice and in research that women over the age of 50 years’ experience health issues including (i) loss in muscle size, strength and function, (ii) loss in bone mass, (iii) gains in fat mass, and (iv) negative alterations in cardiovascular and metabolic health. All of these issues can accumulate to really negatively impact your physical ability, your activities of daily living, your mental health, and predispose you to conditions including osteoporosis, arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and much more. I see these issues on a daily basis in my clinic, they are partly due to ageing combined with the menopause, but the biggest contributor to the development of these issues is physical inactivity and poor nutrition. This statement is supported by an extensive body of research. We don’t see these issues in women who are physically active and feed their body the nutrients required for this phase in life. The purpose of this programme is to teach you everything I know about anti-ageing exercise and nutrition, in addition to special considerations for the menopause. We live in a world where we now have a long life span, due to advances in medicine, but unfortunately a short health span, due to poor lifestyle. This course will teach you everything I know about living a long health span and avoiding all of the health issues mentioned above.

What will the programme involve?

As part of this programme our team of experts will deliver specific exercise training sessions, nutrition talks, and a variety of health education workshops. You will also receive weekly meal plans, home based exercise sessions, and online support and motivation. Our mission is to improve your health, fitness and wellness and teach you everything you need to know to transform your lifestyle for long term health. True Transformation starts on Saturday 6th May and finishes on Saturday 17th June. It finishes with a fun 5km event and a certificate ceremony to celebrate your amazing achievements over the previous 6 weeks. This programme is based in True Fitness Portarlington.

What about the funded places?

We are delighted to say that this True Transformation programme is supported by Laois Sports Partnership and Sport Ireland so it is completely free to 15 participants. If you would like to hear more about this programme, or an application form, please contact us on and we will send you all of the detailed information.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Yours in health,

Dr Diane Cooper.


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