Types of Classes


TRX is the newest form of functional suspension training. This means you use every muscle in your body with each exercise you do. It allows you to replicate movements that you do in daily life and sporting activities, which increases your strength in these movements and reduces the risk of injury. This is a 60 minute full body workout delivered by experts. It is low impact, user friendly and the most effective form of training for weight loss, toning, strength and mobility available to date. This is a one stop shop for all your training needs.
TRX is suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness. Our members range from young teenagers to senior adults, and from beginners the whole way through to ultra-endurance athletes. No matter what your age, background or goals, TRX will improve your strength, improve your body composition, improve your fitness and improve your wellbeing. Read what our members say about TRX in our testimonials.

We are the leading TRX trainers and the only qualified master trainer in Ireland. We run TRX classes every morning and evening in our Portarlington studio. We use a unique combination of TRX Suspension Training, Body Resistance, Power Bags, VIPRS and Resistance Bands. These are small group sessions and are ideal for getting started or making that move to the next level. 
This is a class that you must try so don’t delay book a class today!

Aerobics & Flexibility

This aerobic session works your entire body and gives incredible results. Using your body resistance only, you work through a series of exercises at various rates of intensity depending on your fitness level and you will come away feeling that not a muscle has been missed and then you will be ready to finish it all off with a series of flexibility exercises which will gently stretch all those aching muscles and you will leave feeling relaxed and invigorated and ready to face the world.   Book now!

Ultimate Flexibility

This is a 45 minute stretching session designed to increase your flexibility, mobility and strength. This is a session like no other and it is completely non-impact. This class will reduce stiffness in your muscle and joints, which will improve posture, reduce back pain, reduce the risk of injury and improve sporting performance. This class is ideal for people who sit for long periods of time (e.g. at desks and driving), for older adults, and for all sports people. It is also crucial for injury rehabilitation. Make it part of your weekly routine and your quality of life and / or sporting performance will greatly improve. Book now.


Circuit training is an excellent way to improve your fitness, strength and stamina. This 60 minute workout consists of a set of 10-12 exercises that are performed for 45 seconds followed by a short rest, and this set is repeated 2-3 times in the session. The exercises alternate between strength, high intensity and endurance which gives you a full body high intensity workout. At the end of the session we finish by blasting your abs and core. The difference between this class and the ultimate intervals class is that we combine body resistance exercises with dumb bells, kettle bells, VIPRS, Power Bags, Bosu, Strength Boards, Bodylastic Resistance Bands and much more.
This class caters for all levels of fitness and all individual needs because each exercise can be easily adapted to suit you. We use a great variety of exercises and equipment which makes this class great fun and full of surprises. Book now!

Our results and reputation speaks for themselves; Come and see for yourself.

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