Dr Diane Cooper’s Health and Lifestyle Clinic

Dr Diane Cooper is a clinical exercise physiologist with a PhD in health and weight loss. I have been practicing as a consultant and researcher in this area for the past 10 years. I have analysed the effectiveness of all of the different types of diet and exercise interventions that have been used over the past few decades. I have worked with hundreds of people in my healthy living clinic over the last 10 years, and I know what works long term and what absolutely does not work. I have combined everything I have learned from research and practice to create the ultimate simple but effective weight loss programme called True Transformation.

I have been running True Transformation in our studios in Portarlington and Portlaoise since 2014 with tremendous success. We now wish to make this fantastic programme available online for people who cannot attend our studios, or who simply prefer a private online health course that they can work into their own schedule. The key to the success of True Transformation is that it is designed and delivered by experts and it is based on true sustainable lifestyle change. There are no quick fixes! Our 6 weekTrue Transformation programme teaches you: 

  •  The correct amount and type of physical activity for health and weight loss
  •  Simple clean healthy eating
  •  About sustainable lifestyle change with our health education workshops
  • A number of tools that are really important including goal setting and motivation, time management, stress management, self-monitoring and evaluation, simple home based exercise programmes, simple healthy eating for you and the whole family, and much more!

All of this is designed and overseen by a true expert.

Weight loss can be challenging and complex especially if you are not using the right tools for the job. Healthy living does not have to be difficult. We make hundreds of decisions every day that impact our health. Our True Transformation programme will teach you how to make small decisions every day that accumulate to big results. I have created a very simple solution to a very complex problem. Our True Transformation programme will make success a reality for you.

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