Do you want to lose body fat?

Do you want to lose body fat?? 

This week Dr Diane spoke to our online TT2 group about the fuel our bodies use during different exercise intensities. A common misconception is that people must work at high intensities to lose body fat. THIS IS NOT TRUE. We actually use fat for fuel when we do low and moderate intensity exercise. As the intensity increases from low/moderate to higher intensities our bodies use more carbohydrate and less body fat as fuel. Therefore, if your goal is to lose body fat you should aim to do more low-moderate intensity exercise for e.g. walking or light jogging. Use the ‘talk test’ as a guide to determine if you are doing moderate intensity activity i.e. you should feel your heart rate increasing but you should be able to talk and not be out of breath.

It is recommended to do 30-60 minutes of moderate intensity exercise on 5-7 days per week. Don’t be afraid to start and progress over time. It is the small changes we make when sustained over time that lead to big results.

Thanks to Laois Sports Partnership for funding this online TT2 programme.

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