Una’s True Transformation Journey: Week 1


The winner of our True Transformation competition, Una Murphy, began her True Transformation journey with us on the Monday the 4th of September.

Initial consultation:

Una started off her first day with a private consultation with Dr. Diane Cooper and John Bolton. This initial consultation involved an in depth discussion of Una’s current nutrition and physical activity patterns and how her lifestyle impacts these currents patterns. This conversation enabled the development of a food plan for the week, which was based on Una’s own preferences. The goal for week one was for Una to focus primarily on her nutrition, so we advised her to continue with her current physical activity patterns and to start adapting to her new nutrition plan.

Fitness testing and training

Una’s current physical activity patterns (regular running 3-4 days per week) meant the best type of fitness test to do for her was a Lactate Threshold Test (find out more about the lactate threshold test here: http://www.truefitness.ie/sports-science-testing-performance/lactate-threshold-testing/ ). This test enabled us to accurately assess her current level of fitness and subsequently devise an exercise programme specifically tailored to Una’s physiology, goals and schedule. Una completed the Lactate Threshold Test on Tuesday 5th of September, which was day 2 of her 6 week journey.


Measurements and Monitoring

Pre-programme testing also included the attainment of body composition and circumferences measurements. These measurements were completed on day 2, prior to the fitness test, and will be completely weekly in order to monitor Una’s progression.

Due to client monitoring being an important focus point within the programme, we supplied Una with equipment to assess her current daily physical activity patterns and to also monitor her heartrate response to her current training sessions. This information will be collected each week and is essential to both monitor and identify progressions during the programme. It also allows the assessment of the time she spends sedentary per day. This gives us very important information which we will talk more about in the coming weeks!

Private online facebook group

Una, along with other online True Transformation clientele were invited to join a private True Transformation Facebook group. This group enabled the delivery of a 60 minute live stream of the Week One Educational Health Workshop on the 6th of September, this workshop surrounded the topics of nutrition and physical activity for weight loss. This workshop was delivered by Dr. Diane Cooper. The live stream video facilitated an online interactive environment in which all clients could communicate and ask questions if they pleased. This online facility also provided a constant platform for tips, recipes and other True Transformation content during week one for Una and other clientele.


Our True Transformation team have been frequently communicating with Una to check how she is getting on and answer all of her questions.

Follow up and feedback from week one 

Una’s week one completion consultation took place on the 11th of September, this consultation served as an opportunity for us to gather feedback regarding Una’s own perception of week one and to also continue to monitor (weekly activity levels and body measurement data collection), support and motivate Una. This meeting also gave Diane an opportunity to provide Una with feedback regarding Una’s nutrition during week one, this was possible due to “meal pictures” that Una was advised to take throughout the week.


What valuable feedback did Una give us that could be very helpful to you??

In brief, Una thoughts on week one of True Transformation were that;

  1. The changes to her nutrition were very subtle and very simple to adapt to and easy to sustain
  2. She found the “meal pictures” extremely helpful as they increased her awareness of portion size
  3. She really enjoyed using the heart rate monitor for her training, she feels it was a major learning curve to witness the intensity levels of her current training sessions and is looking forward to applying the appropriate heartrate training zones which are specific to her physiology
  4. She found herself challenging others’ perceptions of her True Transformation journey as she feels as though the majority of people focus primarily on intensive diet and exercise and weight loss as the main result of the programme. However, as Una has witnessed this week, True Transformation involves actual lifestyle change, which teaches you how to make small changes to your lifestyle to achieve maximum health benefits and long term sustainable weight loss (actual body fat, not muscle).

If you are curious of what happens in the coming weeks of the online True Transformation programme, please join us next week for a recap of Week Two of Una’s transformation journey!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Diane Cooper, Sharon Fennelly and John Bolton

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