Una’s final thoughts on True Transformation


This week marked the end of Una’s 6 week True Transformation Journey with us, as a result of Una completing the program, we asked her to talk about the main things that she learnt or experienced during the programme which she wished to express to others:

· Nutrition: Una experienced that the small changes she applied to her food made big differences. The changes to her nutrition were very subtle and very simple to adapt to and easy to sustain. She also found the “meal pictures” extremely helpful as they increased her awareness of portion size.

· Training: The most interesting and enjoyable thing that Una experienced was both learning about and applying the results of the Lactate Threshold test. She really enjoyed using the heart rate monitor for her training, she feels as though it was a major learning curve to witness the intensity levels of her current training sessions and is looking forward to continuing to apply the appropriate heartrate training zones to her runs, which are completely specific to her physiology.

· The reality of life: Although different things popped up for Una throughout the 6 week course that were unexpected, she learned that these things happen to everyone, including the True Transformation team. Una learned the importance of setting goals and re-evaluating goals when necessary. She also learned the importance of ‘doing what you can when you can’, staying focused on goals, and that every decision (based on nutrition and training) takes you one step closer to your goal!

· Should body weight be the primary focus? Una mentioned previously in our blog that she feels the majority of people focus primarily on weight loss as the main result of any programme. However, as Una has witnessed, True Transformation involves actual lifestyle change, which teaches you how to make small changes to your lifestyle to achieve maximum health benefits and long term sustainable weight loss (actual body fat, not muscle). Una has learned that it is extremely important to have a healthy balanced lifestyle with food and training combined in order to make substantial and sustainable changes. Una has also learned that it is impossible to measure success by the number on the weighing scales. We measure success by body composition circumferences, fitness, wellness, health (blood test results) and most importantly happiness and achieving your goals!

· Online support: Una found the weekly online heath workshops very beneficial and liked to replay the content during week to recap on the information given during the live streams.

· What about our True Transformation team? Una found the Transformation Team discrete and confidential and found that they each provided ongoing support and encouragement. She also felt that there was always someone there to provide information in whichever area of expertise was needed during the programme.

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