The TRUTH about DETOX diets

The TRUTH about DETOX diets 

‘Detox’ or ‘Detoxification’ is“the process of removing toxic substances”. Detox diets may involve fasting for long/short periods of time, only consuming a limited range of foods and are often sold as tablets, shakes, teas or other drinks as a ‘quick fix’.

These diets often claim:
-Rapid weight loss
-Improved digestion
-Improved skin, hair, nails
-Improved energy levels
-Boosted immune system

HOWEVER THIS IS NONSENSE‼️ These diets can be very HARMFUL to both PHYSICAL and MENTAL health because:

1. Most ‘detox’ products contain laxatives which can result in electrolyte imbalances which can be life threatening 😲 (Electrolytes are minerals such as sodium and potassium that are very important for many reasons such as regulating muscle contractions, maintaining fluid balance, helps blood to clot, etc.).

2. Although some products will lead to rapid weight loss it is important to remember that this loss is NOT FAT loss. Most of the weight lost is water, glycogen and muscle which is not good for our health particularly as we age. This can result in low energy and a slower metabolism. Research also indicates that when people stop taking these detox products they will regain more weight than before and this is due to a number of reasons including an increase in the hunger hormone ‘ghrelin’ and lower amounts of the fullness hormone ‘leptin’ so it makes us feel hungrier so we eat more.

3. Detox diets increase the risk of nutritional deficiencies (i.e. not eating enough of certain nutrients). For example, a person can become anaemic if they do not eat enough iron and this can lead to tiredness and weakness.

4. These products are not well regulated so we can’t be 100% sure of what is actually in them 😟.

5. Increase the risk of gallstones.

6. Food is meant to be enjoyed! If we restrict foods that we love (unless necessary under medical guidance) it can impact our mental and social health negatively.

 Reminder – Our bodies are developed to detoxify and remove waste and toxins. Our bodies constantly filters, breaks down and excretes toxins and waste products like alcohol, medications, products of digestion, dead cells, chemicals from pollution and bacteria.

Lemon water, herbal teas and vegetable juices can be enjoyed if you like them as part of a healthy balanced diet but should not be used for ‘detox’ purposes. Don’t be fooled by marketing ploys.

This is some of the information we discussed last night as part of week 3 of our online TT2 programme Kilcavan, Laois, Ireland. Thanks to Laois Sports Partnership for funding this 6-week programme.

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