Are you interested in True Transformation??

If you are embarking on a new lifestyle, health and weight loss journey it is absolutely essential to your success that you surround yourself with the support and expertise that you need to get you where you want to go. There is so much information available today at the click of a button it frightens me! It frightens me because unless you are a specialist in this area it is very difficult for you to distinguish between the correct information that is helpful to you, and the dangerous information that is harmful to you but, because it is said with such confidence it has to be true!

Over the past 6 True Transformation programmes we have run in our True Fitness studio I have been absolutely shocked to my core at some of the ‘advice’ that the participants have received at different points in their lives on different programmes. I have finally reached the point where despite my crazy schedule (full time lecturer in exercise physiology and health, full time researcher in weight loss and health, partner in True Fitness) I have decided that I am going to blog about health, fitness and weight loss from now on, so that I can share my knowledge (scientifically proven) and experience with you and give you true advice to help you reach your health, fitness and weight loss goals.

I have devoted my life to health and wellness. I created True Transformation based on 15 years of scientific research and clinical experience, and I pride myself in delivering all of this in a simple, practical, effective lifestyle programme that can change your life. The core of this programme is health education and that’s what makes it so life changing.  We strive to teach you everything you need to know about healthy living, so that you have the knowledge and skills you need to make good decisions. It’s only a start and there is so much more we would like to do, but it’s a great start. This is not a ‘quick fix’ diet programme (because they never work!), it is an actual lifestyle change for you and your family. We will have another True Transformation programme available in the coming week, fully funded by Laois Sports Partnership and the HSE for 15 participants,  and we are very excited about it! Please keep an eye out for the poster and contact us if you are interested in taking part.

Yours in health,

Dr Diane Cooper

P.S. Have a look below to see what our last 16 participants said when we asked them what they liked specifically about True Transformation.

“The expert advice, the support, the backup, the exercise programmes (these guys know how to get you to challenge yourself without overdoing it) The result! I loved every minute of this programme. Gone from couch to 5K!”

“The support from the leaders and the advice was so helpful”

“I really enjoyed all elements of the programme”

“Tuesday nite class I would have never jogged or have the confidence to do it but being with a group that all are on the same level of fitness encouraged me to do it”

“The mentors knowledge and willingness to assist you”

“I found the food plans and recipes extremely beneficial. The saturday talks were very informative. I really enjoyed the group exercise class on a Tuesday (training for the 5k). The sport science students were great to work with and are a credit to the programme”

“It was the first programme that thought me how to eat healthy and what to eat and proper excises that suited me”

“Meeting twice a week. The way I feel after the four weeks, a lot more energy”

“The clarity of the nutrition talks. The practical approach to including training in everyday life. The group were a lovely group”

“Information made easy to understand”

“Everything prevention to the training, very professional”

“the wonderful help and encouragement from the whole team”

“The nutritional information”

“The depth of the knowledge shared and the enthusiasm it was delivered with”

“That it was educational and structured to every persons individual level”

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