Dr Diane’s Post Pregnancy Key Tips

✨ Dr Diane’s Post Pregnancy Key Tips ✨

Last night, Diane spoke to the TT2 group about her post pregnancy training and weight loss journey. We will write another blog or record a video of Diane speaking about this (and exercise during pregnancy) over the next few months as there is a lot of information to discuss. In the meantime, here are some key points mentioned:
▪️ It is very important for your physical and mental health to resume physical actiivty soon after child birth, but you need to be mindful that the type and amount that you do must match your physical ability at that time. Also, the rate at which you progress your training will be slow and steady for the first 6 weeks.
▪️ While weight loss is often a key goal post pregnancy, Diane emphasised that priority should be given to other goals in the early weeks and then weight loss will follow. Diane trained every day but weight loss was very slow in the first month. This was because Diane prioritised building up her aerobic base (i.e. low-moderate intensity training e.g. walking) to teach the body to use body fat for fuel as well as regular strength training to ensure the muscles and tissues were strong enough to do what she ultimately wanted them to do, which was return to running and mountain biking. Pelvic floor and flexibility exercises were performed every day and are crucial to recovery. By completing this type of training, Diane reduced body fat but increased muscle mass and strength which has many health benefits, but often is not reflected by weight change.
▪️ Patience and consistency are key to achieving your goals. After 4 months Diane has achieved her goal of working up to a 90 minute run for her weekly long run and a 2 hour mountain bike session on Sundays. She has also lost 12lbs of body fat and is feeling fit and strong. By 6 months Diane aims to be back racing and at her optimal body composition.
▪️ Include a recovery/self care session each week as one of your “training” sessions. Diane used this session to do rehab and flexibility exercises and breath and relax! You have just been through 9 months of pregnancy, child birth and then the little matter of taking care of a baby. Be kind to yourself!
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