5 great stretches using a dowel / sweeping brush for people (like me!) who spend a lot of time sitting every day.

Do you spend a lot of time sitting down every day and is it causing you pain??

If you do spend a lot of time sitting then your back, neck, shoulders, hamstrings etc. can become very tight. Your range of movement in these muscles can become restricted, which can increase your risk of injury in certain movements and it can definitely cause you pain over time.

The nature of my job (lecture prep, research deadlines, lifestyle consultations) means unfortunately I spend a lot of time sitting and my body really doesn’t like it. I have to do stretching and strengthening exercises outside of work time to keep myself injury and pain free. John has put 5 exercises together in this video link below that are fantastic for people like me who spend a lot of time sitting. You get instant muscle relief from them and they only take a few minutes. We use dowel’s (as seen in the video) in our flexibility classes in True Fitness, but you can simply use a sweeping brush at home.

Hold each stretch for 30 seconds and repeat each stretch twice. This is a great 5 minute stretching routine!


Yours in health,

Dr Diane Cooper.

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